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Tour!! My favourite time of the year. Myself and the only other Tour fan are having a passive-aggressive war with the Wimbledon fans at work. There's a TV in the staff room and we all keep flipping the channels when no one is looking. Sadly, we're outnumbered by the tennis devotees and don't get a lot of cycling coverage, but we're trying!
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I've just backed up and removed the over a thousand pictures I've taken of Prof Wrigglesworth on my phone since he was born in September.

But now I'm panicking. What if my computer crashes in the next couple of hours before I can back it up to an external hard drive? I mean, the majority of of the pictures are uploaded to Flickr, but not all of them!

Welcome to my neurotic brain. I was intensely uncomfortable deleting the pictures from my phone, just in case the two existing backups failed. Like, you know, what if Flickr were to crash?!
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Apparently, I only have the attention span to get half way through parenting books. I therefore introduce new techniques with great confidence and enthusiasm, only to descend into well meaning chaos.

I am currently half way through What To Expect in the First Year, the No Cry Sleep Solution, and Baby Led Weaning. As such, I know what to expect for the first five-odd months, how to get Prof Wrigglesworth into his crib to sleep but not how to keep him there, and why baby led weaning is good but not how to do it.


Anyway, I'll push on with the weaning book until I learn how to keep the kid from choking and wing it from there.

In other news, season 4 of Heroes is annoying me. Does this still need a spoiler cut? I realise I'm rather late to this party. )
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Dinner tonight was one kind of pizza, another kind of pizza, and garlic bread. Um. Not a great example of balanced and healthy eating. My husband cooked? It's my only excuse. Blarg.

Normally I LOVE snow, as it makes me feel like the UK is finally demonstrating proper winter behaviour, but I can't wait until it melts so I can get back to running. And that's not something I ever thought I'd say!
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A belated happy new year to everyone. I have been on an impromptu Internet break largely due to the fact that I couldn't manage travelling to Canada with Professor Wrigglesworth, keeping up with my family and assorted friends, and keep track of online as well! It was a great holiday, but I'm pretty glad to be home. That said, Wrigglesworth was a trooper. I clearly have a future explorer on my hands!

In other news, today is the last day of my twenties. A round up of the decade. )

Anyway, on we go!
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It's 8:00am and I've been up for five and a half hours already! Woot woot!

Sitting in Gatwick Airport with Scooter and Professor Wrigglesworth, waiting for our gate to be announced. Around eight and a half hours from now, we'll be getting the first stamp in Wrigglesworth's shiny new passport as we waltz (fingers crossed) through customs at the Toronto airport.

So excited to be spending Wrigglesworth's first Christmas in Canada! And our first Christmas in Canada in five years. The last time we were there in the winter, it was the first Christmas after Scooter and I started dating. How things have changed!
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I am trying so hard not to be the asshole nerd historian going around correcting people about the so-called Mayan-predicted end of the world on Friday.

And I'm failing.

But! But!

The Mayans didn't predict the end of the world; their 5000+ year calendar just happens to end on 21/12/12! The calendar in my kitchen ends 31/12/12. It's just a sign that it's time to get a new calendar.

(And my asshole nerd historian husband points out that the calendar in the kitchen actually has a little January 2013 preview page at the back. We deserve each other, we do. We promised to love, honour, cherish, and spoil each other's punch lines until death do us part.)

Seriously, though, there are absolutely no ancient Mayan doomsday predictions for Friday. None. At all. The first reference to a 21/12/12 apocalypse came in a 1966 book by an archaeologist obviously willing to sensationalise and warp the truth for book sales.

Besides which, as a comedian on BBC radio pointed out a few days ago, if the Mayans had the ability to predict the future, there would still be Mayans. Given the fact that their empire crumpled and fell, I think we can all consider ourselves safe.
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In reading [personal profile] kouredios's friending meme post, I came across someone who listed one of their friends list turn-offs as people who list 100 favorite male characters but can't think of one female character they genuinely love.

Which, you know, totally fair point.

So, who are the female characters you absolutely adore and why? I'll take characters from any media source - books, comics, TV, film, whatever.

My list of awesome fictional women. )

It is interesting but not particularly surprising to me that most of my favourites come from books rather than TV. I find that even strong female characters on TV are often a foil for their eccentric and engaging male co-stars rather than the kind of quirky character I am drawn to themselves. It's the Mulder and Scully pattern of male-female co-stars. Or perhaps I am over-generalising.
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Making sausages baked over potatoes and peppers (with some adaptations) and watching the final of Masterchef: Professionals, which we taped and have been saving.
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Ugh. Do not want to go running. I'm trying to get myself motivated to just suck it up and GO.

ETA: Finally got out several hours later. I'm on Week 2 Day 3 of the Ease into 5K program app thing. Ran 3.75km with run pace of 07:31 min/km. I ended up repeating W2D3 as feeling low energy today and not up to pushing myself on.

The important thing is that I went, even though I really didn't feel like it. I'm determined to keep on with the program, which is only 30 min three times a week. I really don't like running, but I do like the feeling that I'm getting fitter and Prof Wrigglesworth likes to get out in his stroller.
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So, right, the thing is that before Professor Wrigglesworth was born, I had absolutely no intention of co-sleeping. Honestly, I made him his own room with a lovely crib in it and there's a mobile and a baby monitor with a video feed and a nightlight and the ability to play lullabies and everything! And we have a moses basket that he can sleep in for the first few months before he moves into his room or nap in around the house, right? So no co-sleeping, uh uh, not for us.

Of course, that was back when I thought that I would be in charge. Ha ha ha! No. Apparently not.

Since the two month mark, Wrigglesworth has thoroughly and totally rejected the moses basket. He screams like he's being beaten whenever he is put down in it. And this from a child who is otherwise pretty happy go lucky and utterly prepared to communicate through grunts and coos rather than crying. No. Wrigglesworth has decided he will sleep in the bed with us or NOT AT ALL.

I have gracefully given in. I'll fight this battle after Christmas, which we are spending in Canada for the first time in five years.

In other news, he also hates bottles and will make direct eye contact with you while he wails around the nipple placed in his mouth or starts coughing and spluttering because he refuses to swallow any liquid that does not come directly from the breast.

I've got four months to make cribs and bottles work before I'm back to work and he starts daycare.
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[personal profile] kouredios has created a wonderful friending meme here to get fans on LJ/DW connecting and posting again in the face of growing fannish diaspora to platforms like Tumblr or Twitter.

Inspired, I posted my profile here and am determined to update more regularly to keep up my end and make things interesting for anyone who friends me.

So, in that spirit, here is a picture of my son, who was born 10 September 2012. For the purposes of this journal, he shall be known as Professor Wrigglesworth. He is beautiful and clever and amazing. Feel free to agree with me!
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I have now reached the special stage in pregnancy where I am sticky-outy enough that I am accidentally turning things on and off with my belly.

So far in the last two days, I have accidentally turned the gas on the stove on (which thankfully hisses a bit, so I noticed right away) and scrolled down several pages while reading something on AO3 because I had my laptop in my lap and shifted position, thereby hitting something or other.

Awkward and getting awkwarder.

*flappy hands*
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Have spent a gleeful morning uploading old fic to my shiny new AO3 account, which I am in no way finished doing but have made a nice start on. The logic of the archive makes my historian's heart very happy, even though I'm sure I still have lots to learn about making the most of it.

That said, having stumbled over the pseuds option (ie: linking past pseudonyms from different fandoms), I got a bit curious and went looking.

And found fic that I wrote when I was 16 years old still available on the internet. I've been scared to look any further, because I know that the fic I've found isn't the first I wrote and there may even be stories out there from when I was 14 or 15.

I am not linking that to my shiny new account.
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In an interesting turn of events, I have decided that Clint Barton/anyone is my Avengers OTP, with a special fondness for Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis (after this fic).

And here I was expected to be sucked in by the Steve Rogers angst or Tony Stark's misunderstood genius playboy philanthropist thing.

Mmmm, shooty archer guy. Nice arms.
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Any chance that someone has an invite for AO3 rattling around? I have been feeling fannish of late and would like to upload all the old fics somewhere central, particularly as my website has disappeared. This may even inspire a reappearance my writing mojo, MIA since June 2006.
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Happy HAPPY 2012 to you and yours, my darlings. I hope it is the best of all years for every one of you. xxx
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Mmm, Boxing Day. I think it's possibly even better than Christmas, because there are loads of lovely leftovers to eat (without any of the effort of having to cook first!) and time to play with the lovely presents from yesterday.

I am currently enjoying some quality time with my new Kindle (woot! woot!). Anyone have any Kindle recommendations/tips/tricks to share?
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Happy birthday, Canada! You are 144 today. That is 122, the 12th Fibbonacci number and also the sum of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' ages at the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring (111 + 33).

I adore Canada Day. I am sadly missing the Trafalgar Square festivities this year, but Scooter is chaperoning the Yr 11 prom at his school until midnight. I am perfectly independent, but also not dead keen on standing around Trafalgar Square by myself for hours, even though they have Mounties and Canadian beer and bison burgers and hockey and Canadian music and things. Hopefully next year!

I am also madly jealous of those of you enjoying the full Canada Day in Ottawa experience -- now with added Will and Kate! I'm not terribly concerned about Will and Kate, I just really like Canada Day in Ottawa.
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Well, fuck bees.

I was in my first ever car accident in 12 years of driving yesterday. I hit a slick spot in the road on the way to work, slid into on-coming traffic, wrenched myself back into my own lane only to have my tire blow out and my car start fish-tailing. I ended up over the verge, into the ditch, and nose first against a tree.

All very shocking. Upside is that I hit a tree rather than a car full of other people and walked away sore, but uninjured. Downside is that I'll be finding out tomorrow whether or not I've written my car off.

Also, I totally knocked down the tree. Revenge, I guess? Not that the tree was to blame, but since I have a reverse imprint of it in the front of my car, I have some animosity.


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