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One of my favourite things is lying in bed under a big duvet while it is cold and wet and miserable outside.

Which is what I am doing now.

I'll get up in a bit, but I'm not in a rush. I woke up at 5:30 (again!) and have been lingering for three hours so far. I anticipate another good hour before the thought of coffee hoists me finally out of bed.
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Sponsored walk = DONE AND DONE.

And despite the fact that the weather was awful -- not just rain, but heavy, driving rain -- the kids were absolute stars. They were in good spirits, or at least good-spiritedly moany spirits, all the way through, even with rain dripping down their faces and squelching in their shoes.

I personally acquired a mini-pond in each of my Doc Martin's...and I was prepared for the rain with a proper coat and an umbrella. Some of the kids came without either, and in canvas running shoes, and still soldiered on, smiling the whole way.

I am now curled up on the sofa in big, warm, comfy socks trying to get over the slight case of the chills I acquired by the end of the walk. It took us three hours to do the walk -- that was ten kilimetres, plus crossing each of the ten bridges of central London, so we were up and down stairs the whole time as we zigzagged back and forth across the Thames. I don't think I was the only person to end up with the shivers.

All of this is irrelevant to the real main point of this post, which is as follows: THE TRAGICALLY HIP HAVE ANNOUNCED A LONDON DATE FOR SEPTEMBER. And as of a minute and a half ago, I am the proud possessor of tickets to the gig. It's the first Friday back after the summer break -- something to look forward to and carry me through that tough first week of school.

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BANK HOLIDAY MONDAYS ARE MY FAVOURITE. Not the least because I was just not in the mood to work yesterday and really didn't get any of the planning and marking and things I need to get done this weekend even started, so not having to go in today to teach tiny lunatics is a massive bonus.

I am extraordinarily in the mood to work right now and am currently enjoying an all over glow of productivity. We have finally got through the Tudors and Stuarts unit for Year 8, which we began back in September and I was quite sick of, so I can only imagine how the kids felt. We are now on to Black Peoples of the America. It's basicly an examination of slavery in the U.S. up to the point of emancipation and sets the kids up for some of the American history units that take place in upper years History, which focus on the struggle for civil rights for various groups through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

And while I feel bad saying I'm having fun with slavery, I really am. It is an interesting topic and one that I haven't done all that much on before, so I'm learning a lot, too.

That said, I've been letting my Year 7 stuff slide a little due to my enjoyment of the Year 8 content and am going to have to put some serious work in on that today, too.

Am currently curled up with my seven hundred pounds of work at the BF's, abusing his wireless internet to download all kinds of multi-media teaching resources. He has (foolishly!) left me alone here while he goes to get the exhaust on his car fixed. It is raining and I like very little more than sitting inside all warm and dry while listening to it be wet and miserable outside.
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It's a beautiful day and I don't have to spend it with children! I am free to run off and frolic freely about London.

Which is what I'm going to do.

Comic book shopping today, yes siree. And if the weather turns less pleasant, I am thinking a visit to the Imperial War Museum as well.

(One of my students just passed beneath my window bouncing a football on his head. This is a disturbing intrusion of work into my life, made all the worse as I am still in my housecoat.)
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Weird dreams caused me to startle awake twenty minutes before my alarm. I am not impressed.

As well, a combination of the aforementioned weird dreams and the fact that the lovely weather seems to have gone away have killed the YAY-HAPPY mood I have been in for the last several days. I am now very grumpy instead.

Woe to children. I will eat their faces if the so much as think about stepping out of line today.
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Weather lovely again. Managed to avoid all contact with people who piss me off so far this morning. Am in enormously good mood. Going out to play now. Perhaps, if I want it badly enough, my marking will do itself while I am out and I won't have to do it when I come back this afternoon.



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