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Just got back from the coolest school trip in the history of EVER. This is not how I pictured my day ending when I got up this morning, but my department head asked me if I wanted to go after one of the kids called at the last minute to say he couldn't make it.

It was quite an interesting trip -- I was the only girl among three adult male staff members and 10-odd teenage boys. It was a trip for a gaming/RPG club that has been running for about seven years and, through some magical and mystical connection that I think you had to be there for, apparently attending a freak show was actually a valid connection for the club. Therefore they managed to get some funding to do this.

My school is the coolest school on the planet.

The, uh, nudity was a bit of a surprise, however.


In other news, I have no idea what I'm teaching tomorrow. Er. Oops?

And in other other news, stay tuned to this space for a rant concerning people who need to make other bloody friends and leave me the fuck alone instead of knocking on my door and texting me and showing up at my classroom fifteen minutes after school has ended like the most possessive, controlling boyfriend ever concieved of. Why is it that I end up having more dysfunctional friendships than most people do romantic relationships?
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Things that make me happy:

1) Our Very Important Visitor has come and gone successfully from the school and the stress of that is over and done with. Next week I am going to leave the school before 5:00 every single day. That is my goal. I need to in order to balance out last week, when I didn't leave the school before 6:00 Monday through Thursday, and actually stayed until 7:30 three times.

2) The really very nice evening out with members of my department in order to celebrate the success of the Very Important Visitor's visit on Friday. Said night out culminated with a massive geek exchange between my Head of Department and myself where we traded movies and music and comic books and made plans to continue on in this vein.

3) Had an incredibly zenful (if slightly hungover) morning yesterday.

4) I spent a couple of hours cleaning my room and, while I still have piles of clutter place that I would like to sort out later this afternoon, I have restored order and tidiness to my living space, which has existed in a state of chaos for rather too long. I things to be tidy. It gives me joy.

5) The weather is gorgeous.

6) My plans for this afternoon, which involve me packing up my marking and taking it, with a bit of lunch, across the street to sit out in the park with. I think the marking will be that much more bearable for it's taking place outside in the sunshine. I will also be bringing one of the books that I was given in the geek exchange as a reward for myself if I get my marking done quickly.

7) There seems to be a new and hopefully permanent hot-spot...AT THE HEAD OF MY BED. This is a gift from the universe to me, I can only assume due to my general all around loveliness.

Things that make me less happy:

1) I tried to get a new moblie phone with a proper calling plan for Canada. This effort, which was trundling along quite well, failed. I didn't really understand the explination, but it went something to the effect that the way my bank lists my address is completely divorced from how Royal Mail lists my address and so my credit check for the phone company won't go through because they don't think I live in England. This is deeply annoying. Particularly so as I have fallen a little in love with the phone I was going to get and they have cruelly wrenched it from my grasp. Am going to try and fix this for next week.

That said, I am outdoors bound!
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I just had an encounter in the Ottawa Chapters with a guy who was screaming racist rhetoric across the seating area.  Apparently a black gentleman across the room accidentally looked up and made eyecontact with this total stranger guy who was sitting at the next table over from me.  The guy went bugfuck and started yelling things like "Quit looking at me, Monkey boy" and "Go back to the Congo, motherfucker".

I looked up in shock and accidentally caught his eye also, and next thing I know, he's yelling at me to "Keep my slanty eyes to myself" and called me a "limey bitch".

I am utterly nonplussed, and not just because he seemed to imply both that I was objectionably of Asian ancestry (see: 'slanty eyes') and of British ancestry (see: 'limey bitch').  I really am of ridiculously British decent, but that is rarely a fact that is objecte to by raging racists.  I am largely nonplussed because things like this just don't happen in Ottawa, usually.  At least not those parts of Ottawa with which I am familiar.

It was so surreal.  And bizarre.  And objectionable.  And offensive.  And where were the security guys that usually lounge in that seating area like it's their home away from home?!

*vague helpless hand flapping*
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*facemashes the coffee*
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Child = not dead.
Me = $20 richer.
Academic career = in danger only from my difficulties with chapter three rather than any babysitting failure on my part.
Evening = success.
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I am babysitting my thesis supervisor's daughter tonight while she and her significant other go to a movie.

If any harm comes to the child on my watch, that'll be the end of my academic career.

Oh, and I'll feel bad because of the harm thing.

But the end of my academic career.


*clearly does not have appropriate sense of priorities for babysitting*
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I have hiccups. [ profile] mr_tim is in my bad books. I am excessively pissed off at my building manager for something which began with them bursting in on me while I was naked in the bath, progressed through to them leaving nasty phone messages and making my parents think that I had fainted and drowned in the bathtub a week later, took a brief side trip through them ambushing me in the lobby when I was in a hurry to leave the damn apartment and being really abrasive and condescending, and culminated yesterday with them YET AGAIN failing to come when they said they would to check the water in my bathroom, a failure which will no doubt result in a repeat of the cycle from the nasty phone messages on.

On the other hand, I do have coffee.
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In other news: I unexpectedly ran into my thesis superviser and her family while having breakfast at a diner yesterday morning.

I don't really remember much of it. The surprise rendered me quite insensible. I think I babbled. I'm fairly sure I agreed to babysit her little girl at some point this week so that she and her significant other could enjoy an evening out at a movie without the accompaniament of a (surely much loved) tiny lunatic. It's all a blur, really.

I'm not good at improv. I need more time to prepare for conversations with my thesis superviser. I need to get my sources in order before I talk to her, damn it.

[ profile] mcee tells me I had kittens. Hopefully not where my thesis superviser could see, as the sight would probably throw her off a little.
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So, there I was, having a peaceful bath, happily ignoring the phone the one time it rang (as one does), when my front door opened and a man came in. Not into the bathroom (where I was naked, as it is my custom to be when taking a bath), but into my apartment.

I sprang from the bathtub, nearly killed myself falling on the bathmat, dragged a towel around me, and stuck my dripping-wet head into the hall to see what the hell is up.

Turns out, it's my building manager, who is (thankfully) more than willing to wait outside until I get dressed. It seems there's a leak on the level below me and he came to check the block of four apartments on this corner of the building. They didn't find anything to suggest that the leak came from my apartment, as I'd only been in the bath for about twenty minutes and downstairs has been leaking for a couple of hours.

We did have a long conversation (as I stood in my hastily donned jeans and sweatshirt, my hair dripping down my collar and my arms crossed over my chest because I was feeling somewhat self-conscious regarding the fact that I didn't take the time to put a bra on under my sweatshirt) that went like this:

him: This bathmat is wet.
me: I dripped on it when I got out of the tub.
him: The counter is wet.
me: I dripped on it when I got out of the tub.
him: The rug outside the bathroom is wet.
me: I was naked in the bath and a man I don't know came into my apartment. I displaced a lot of water in a lot of different directions when I lunged for my towel. These things are not evidence of leaks. I just dripped on them when I got out of the tub.
him: Ah.

Anyway. That was exciting. Didn't actually get to have my bath, mind you. Never got around to the washing bit and I'm feeling generally disinclined to take another shot at it just now. I'm feeling a little off the idea of getting naked right this second.


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