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Miss Pillsbury: Rachel, did you just throw up?

Rachel: No.

Miss Pillsbury: You missed the toilet.

Rachel: The girl throwing up before me left that. I tried, but I guess I just don't have a gag reflex.

Miss Pillsbury: When you get older, that will turn out to be a gift.

[ profile] lazlet, I blame you. I have been mainlining Glee all day.
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[ profile] lazlet has run to the post office, leaving me alone with her house and her cats and other things. Including her computer. I have THREE SECONDS until she gets back and we leave for a wild weekend of cycling and fun with [ profile] the_oscar_cat and [ profile] kx.

Therefore, I will be brief.

My second term of teaching progresses apace. My two momentous pieces of news are as follows.

First, I was finally observed by my head of department and it went really, really well. Of course, I feel like a complete fraud because the students never behave as well for me as they did while he was sitting in the back of the room, but there you go.

Second, there is a field-trip taking place over February half-term break for the older kids -- Year 11s, I think -- to Boston and New York. The one other female staff member in my department was set to go along to supervise. Unfortunately, due to family health issues, she had to back out and they've asked me to go along instead as they need a female member of staff along to chase the female students of of the women's toilets and the like.

So, yay.

Oops, there's [ profile] lazlet! Must go.
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[ profile] lazlet, [ profile] wildrocket, and I have been cleaning out [ profile] lazlet's loft. And, if I may say, omg. OMG. OMG.

The things that were up there. NEWSPAPERS! The Boys and Girls Daily Mail! From the 1930s! From the 1940s! The end of the war! "Goebbels' Body Found" as a headline! Books! Published! In the early 1800s and even LATE 1700s! A bound MULTI-YEAR RUN of the SATURDAY MAGAZINE beginning in 1832!! Which [ profile] lazlet GAVE TO ME! FOR ME ALL MINE PRY THEM FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!!!

Me/Loft=OTP. Hard core.

*makes disturbingly sexual noises over semi-disintigrated bits of paper and dust*

In other news: the hot spot in the kitchen has, for the moment, gone very, very cold. Am, for the moment, internetless when not taking shameless advantage of [ profile] lazlet's hospitality.
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GIP -- my dead historical boyfriend! It's an actual photograph. I was suspicious at first given that Wellington died in 1852 and I thought that might be too early for photography, but it had been invented, so I am increasingly inclined to trust the caption that came with the picture.

I ::heart:: my dead historical boyfriend. His wife didn't understand him the way I do.

In other news, have survived my first week. Just barely. I feel as though I'm beginning to get the hang of things, a little, although that might be wishful thinking brought about by a day's distance.

Today, I spent a very restful and enjoyable time with [ profile] the_oscar_cat and [ profile] lazlet at the latter's house, watching a variety of pretty boys doing a variety of interesting things, including but not limited to: killing demons, riding bikes, getting head injuries and travelling back in time, and being smart. Fantastic.

Tomorrow, I am committed to giving the Frequently Lost British Historian's Walking Tour of London to a friend of mine from Canada who also got a teaching job in London. Lots of fun.
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I was going to post this last night, but then the internet most inconveniently turned off. So I was forced to stay over at [ profile] lazlet's (no, I promise, it follows):

So. INTERNET. How about that.

Am over visiting with [ profile] lazlet, who continues to be ever-so-tolerant of the fact that I always pack my laptop along when I drop by.

I am overwhelmed with things to say, so I probably won't say too terribly much.

School starts next week. I find that I am really terrifically nervous. I am trying not to think about it.

[ profile] lazlet fed me Battenberg cakes. They alone make moving to England worth it.

Now, off to get ready for day two of induction and orientation to teaching in England. Oh, joy.
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Am here and safe and tucked up in [ profile] lazlet's spare room. My bottom is numb and I am jetlagged, but, you know, in England. It was a remarkably lovely trip. I never once stood in a line for longer than fifteen minutes, I was not patted down by security at either end, and nothing was lost or confiscated at any stage of the journey. The plane left and landed precisely on time, I had a seat at one of the emergency exit doors which meant plenty of leg room, and the food wasn't even that bad. I was out of Heathrow and on the road within an hour of the plane's wheels hitting tarmac -- unheard of! -- and the ever lovely [ profile] lazlet met me with tea.

In other news, I now live at Greenwich Mean Time. This makes me immeasurably happy in about the same region that the toaster panic took place.
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Dearest [ profile] lazlet,

You are one of the most amazing people I know and I am so happy to have you in my life. Happy birthday, darling.

Your Canadian Girlfriend,
[ profile] in_stead
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Last night I dreamed I moved into Apsley House. [ profile] lazlet and [ profile] blythely came over while I was unpacking and trying to figure out where to put my things so that they wouldn't disrupt the careful museum displays. We had coffee at the table around which the Waterloo Banquets were held.

I was rather disappointed to wake up in my very own apartment, nice though it is.

And I am a huge geek.

In other news, GAH, morning, coffee, face, nnnasgkn.
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Today has been...its greatness defies words. Well, it defies words in the very short amount of time I have to update to lj. I will have to go into greater detail later.

However, in brief:

1. I have figured out my future. It is great comfort. I know what I'm going to do with the next two or so years of my life, which takes a great load off my mind.

2. Am going with my mother in just a moment to pick up WELLESLEY!!! (omg puppy!!)

3. My dad is home and it's great, because I missed him a great deal. On a more mercenary note, he brought me back fantastic presents, as well. More of his stories later, because there's been some doozies, and he's only just got started.

4. I found Stead's papers. I don't think I can explain how fantastic this is. Think: personal Holy Grail. I found them. I know where they are. I KNOW WHERE STEAD'S PAPERS ARE. This is a fair way from getting access to them, but I know where they ARE, which is a great step in the right direction. (omg I KnOW whERe sTeAD's pAPErS ARe!!!1!!!!) On an ego stroking note: they're exactly where I thought they where. *pats self on back in recognition of amazing deducting skills*

5. I've had an epiphany re: Chapter Three of the thesis. I now have that angle that no one else has used ever before. This is my contribution to the body of academic work. Everything is under control.

It is now puppy time. More on all of above later.


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