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Oh, for.

I have just woken up a full hour before my alarm and can't get back to sleep. Am contemplating going to the gym instead. There is one in the building.

I do use the term "gym" quite loosely in reference to it, of course. It is a large room with a treadmill, eliptical trainer, stationary bike, some hand weights, a couple of mats on the floor, a pool table and a ping pong table.

Still, there you go.

And, while I am not officially part of [ profile] lazlet's Post Every Day Week extravaganza, I do seem to posting every day anyway. I am still very excited to be back on the internet (however specious my source of said internet may be) and lj and things. Woot!
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I've changed my name.

So far, feeling pretty good about it.

Good morning!
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Horrible couple of days, the details of which I shall not go into just now.

Tomorrow bodes well, however. I was, as mentioned in passing previously, invited to speak to one of the fourth year history seminars at the university on literacy and the press in Victorian Britain. I am very excited. I met with the professor today and she seemed very excited to have me. She says she hasn't told the students in the class about me yet -- I am to be a surprise guest speaker.

I am looking forward to this immensely. An entire captive audience and two hours to myself to go on at great length about the Victorian press and W.T. Stead. Fantastic!

Sometime tonight I am going to change my lj name to [ profile] in_stead. Five months after the completion of my M.A., the name still appeals. For now, however, dinner.
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Somebody please assure me that I'm not the only person tempted to do an entire meme just so that I can give a smartass answer to one question.

(Name brand of your shoes currently wearing? "Shoes? I'm not even wearing PANTS!")


In other news, I've been packing my life into boxes. I am finding it unexpectedly distressing to be dismantalling my apartment. I've lived almost two years longer here than I've lived anywhere else in my entire life. I don't particularly want to leave. Not that I want to be heading back for another year at Carleton -- I've spent a sufficient amount of time there as it is, thank you very much -- but if I could just stay in my apartment and get on with the next part of my life at the same time, that would be nice.

On the other hand, what I usually remember only after moving is that I really rather like it. I like changing cities. It's more exciting when you're not moving back some place, but still, I'm moving back to do something completely different from anything I've done before, which makes up for the familiarity of the place.

As well, I am getting a new bike. I am. And I am going to join a cycling club. I do hope it doesn't turn out like the time when I was in grade four and joined the school's cross country running club. All I learned from that experience is that a) I am not a runner, and b) it is embarassing to be lapped twice by the pack before you finish your first time around the course.



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