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I promise that there will be a more comprehensive and comprehensible review of my graduation, including pictures, forthcoming. I do.

In the mean time, I would just like to say that this has been an unbelievably fantastic day. This tops my first graduation (never mind the last graduation, which I skipped) without a doubt.

My father, for the uninformed, is the Dean of my Education program, which is to say that he is the man who shakes the hand of all the people graduating. Tradition has it that the Associate Dean hoods you. Tradition also has it that family who are faculty at the university are entitled to hood graduatuates. My mother, for the similarly uninformed, is faculty at the university.


My father shook my hand and my mother hooded me. The entire audience, many of whom where a) my classmates, b) my classmates' families, c) my mother's students, or d) aware that my father is who he is, gave a collective "aww" when the three of us came together on stage. My father looked at me and told me how proud he was of me and how special a moment it was. He was trying not to cry, and so was I, and we were both damp around the edges. My mother's hands were the ones that took the hood from my forearm and placed it over my head, adjusting it just so on my shoulders. My grandmother, who wanted desperately to attend my B.A. graduation but was too sick to fly out, was in the audience. And, finally, my beloved little sister was front and center, looking so grown up I almost cried at just the sight of her, taking pictures.

I am so happy right now, I don't quite know what to do with myself. I am overcome.
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Hi, yes, graduation. I suppose I should get dressed now.
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So, I got a message to call the folks in England to find out the results of last Thursday's interview. I am getting up at 6:00am tomorrow to do so -- bloody time difference.

I do not anticipate being offered a job. The interview didn't go wrong or anything like that, but it also didn't go particularly right. I came out feeling like I wasn't really what they were looking for and, to be honest, that they weren't really what I was looking for.

That said, I still seem nervous enough that I'm having difficulty falling asleep.

Also, grad tomorrow! Fun.
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I am sad to report that I am on one of my patented insomnia kicks. Last night, I couldn't get to sleep until 4:30am, which means that I fell asleep to the sound of bird song as the sun began to come up. I hate the feeling of seeing the sun come up from the wrong side.

To occupy myself during my sleepless hours, I overhauled my lj with a new header image and colour scheme. It makes me very happy, although I am already quite tempted to tweak.

As well, after about two years of not writing anything (er...thesis aside), I think I've started again. I have three stories on the go, one of which is almost done. I'll have to go over and tidy up the fic journal, just in case I actually follow through and post something.

Look at me, being all creative and stuff!

Grad is day after tomorrow. My dress is still pretty.
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I will, will, will catch up on email and lj tonight, I promise.

In the mean time -- my grandmother is out visiting from Manitoba and, between the godawful cold symptoms (a farewell gift from my last practice teaching session -- schools are virulent pits of disease at best), I've been entertaining her and ferrying her about the city and generally catering to her every whim, because she's a very nice old lady and I love her dearly, and also because she's rather fragile and needs help with things like opening jars and getting her shirt off over her head.

She's up for my graduation, which takes place this Thursday. We went shopping for a new dress for her on Friday, because she felt self-conscious that myself, my sister, and my mother were all intending to wear dresses and she had only brought dress pants. She is now the proud posessor of a bright red dress and jacket set, the colour of which gave her qualms until both my father and I assured her that it looks just great on her. And it does.

Graduation is shaping up to be a very nice, possibly tear-inducing, event, wherein my father, who is the Dean of my department, gives me my degree and my mother hoods me and my grandmother, who was too sick to attend my other graduations, and my sister, who is sixteen and well over being impressed with me graduating since I've done it so bloody often now, watch from the audience while we all blubber like girls before a crowd of a thousand odd people.

It's good that I have a nice dress to wear.

Today, we are packing a picnic lunch and heading out on the boat for a long turn around the lake, thus taking advantage of the gorgeous weather. There will be potato salad and roast beef sandwiches and fruit and sunshine and happiness and puppies, even, because our dogs enjoy boat rides, although I don't look forward to having to defend my lunch from those slavering beasts.


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