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Merry Christmas, flist! I am very fond of you all and hope you all have a wonderful day.

I'm hosting Christmas on my own this year -- read: with plenty of help, but without my mother to oversee. I have a date with my family in Canada over the webcam after lunch, which is very exciting. We've got five people coming around to our little flat, making seven in total. I think the polite term is 'cosy'. Fortunately we all like each other.

I am very organised. I've made lists and schedules and things. I made the pumpkin pies, the stuffing, and stuffed onions yesterday. Got up this morning and put the turkey in. To make yet today are the vegetables, roast potatoes, toast, and parma ham and pear bites.

We've invited an elderly neighbour from upstairs down for a glass of wine just before lunch time, so we're having the stuffed onions and pear bites then. For an appetiser, we're having toast, different types of paté, and a bit of salad. The main is the traditional turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, brussel sprouts, yorkshire puddings, gravy, and cranberry sauce. Then pumpkin pie, Christmas pudding, mince pies, cream, and ice cream for dessert, followed by cheese, chocolates, and port.

I, er, may have gone a bit overboard? But that only means lots of Christmas leftovers. Woot woot!
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West Wing's "The Crackpots and These Women" on tee-vee, final design of wedding invitations progressing, bruschetta topping marinating in the fridge for dinner, and a glass of wine within reach.

This is toe-wiggling levels of goodness.

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Made a massive batch of homemade perogies for dinner tomorrow. First ever attempt. Hopefully they don't dissolve the second they hit the water. Fingers crossed!

In other news, also made a birthday cake from scratch as the Eff turned 35 today. It was a resounding success - both the birthday and the cake.

Back to work tomorrow after a day off due to badly damaged knee. A souvenir of the weekend when trying to walk and dance in heels backfired. Still not sure I'll be able to manage the stairs, but don't want to miss anymore time.

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To celebrate the arrival of summer like weather, I have made a fruit tart! Fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries with custard poured over the top. Mmm, pie.

In semi related news, I have resolved to start riding my bike to school on nice days as I need to work off the winter pudge. Am hoping this will help counteract my new-found love of cooking and baking.

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Oy-oi. After the debacle (wonderfulness?) of an easter break were I did not stop moving and occupied four separate countries and two separate continents in two weeks and my plane was cancelled and there was stress and I made it home only eighteen or so hours before I had to be back in a classroom teaching? It's been two very busy weeks. Not just because I wasn't mentally or physically prepared to go back to teaching as of arriving back in England from Africa and I was faced with school the next morning. But also because it is a very, very, very busy and stressful time of year. Just generally.

Which is why I needed this long weekend.

So far, I have gone to the pub and for a curry after work Friday. Slept in this morning. Went shopping and finally bought REAL food. Bought a new coffee maker after ours tanked about a month ago ( no more instant! *spit, spit, spit*). Had coffee in the local coffee shop, zenning for about 40 minutes watching people walk by on the street outside. Cleaned the flat (it was getting disgusting, and now smells clean and fresh and slightly citrusy!). Sat on the couch, watched BF kick ass at online WII Mario Cart whilst drinking wine and catching up on LJ.

Further plans include: Cooking a lovely dinner of mahi mahi fish with lemon and cracked pepper, new potatoes with fresh rosemary, green beens in melted butter, and an avacado and prawn starter. Curling up on the couch and watching Serenity, which I still love like crazy. Sleeping in again tomorrow. (A little work, let's not talk about it.) Roast dinner at a local pub that makes especially good roast dinners with BF's parents. Stupid girly movie and dinner out with a friend. Possibly new glasses? And lots more zenning and wine and generally good times. All this before Tuesday, when the classroom and children kick back in.

I am feeling relaxed for the first time in a really long time.

Also, summer is starting to kick in! It's great!
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I think the milk on the big bowl of cereal I just ate was going off.

Which I didn't figure out until I'd finished eating the bowl of cereal and realised that the consistancy of the milk left at the bottom didn't look quite right.

Oh, lord, please don't let me get food poisoning. Don't have time, can't cope, don't want to.

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I will be making shrimp etoufee for dinner tonight. I feel like actually cooking for a change, which is not a feeling I've had often lately.

I used to really like cooking, before I moved out of Ottawa a couple of years back. Having your own kitchen makes a difference, I think. Last year I was tripping over my mother in her kitchen and here I share a kitchen with eight other people, six of whom I dislike, one of whom I dislike intensely, and one who is lovely. As a result, I tend to make things that are easy and fast and can be taken back to my room to be eaten in peace.

But, tonight? Shrimp etoufee. A huge batch of it, because my general opinion is that if a thing is worth doing, it's worth overdoing. Half-assing it is for losers -- go whole-ass or go home!

Mm, dinner. So exciting!
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Tomorrow is going to be hard. And probably outright bad. And this is not pessimism, but a realistic expectation given the particular series of classes I will be faced with tomorrow morning.

This means I have to work really hard tonight and I don't want to, because I'm sick and tired and already had a hard-bordering-on-bad day. And all I want to do is curl up in bed with my book (Dorothy L. Sayers' Gaudy Night, which my own personal librarian lent me and which I am enjoying immensely) and drink tea and get over being sick, blast it.

Okay, done whining now.

I was going to go grocery shopping tonight because I'm pretty much out of food, but then I remembered that I have a can of soup in the cupboard for dinner, a bun and peanut butter for breakfast, and another bun and peanut butter for lunch. Also, it was really dark and slightly raining by the time I got kicked out of the school for them to lock up, so that was pretty much the end of that utterly responsible plan for a balanced diet that included milk and vegies and things.
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I was going to post this last night, but then the internet most inconveniently turned off. So I was forced to stay over at [ profile] lazlet's (no, I promise, it follows):

So. INTERNET. How about that.

Am over visiting with [ profile] lazlet, who continues to be ever-so-tolerant of the fact that I always pack my laptop along when I drop by.

I am overwhelmed with things to say, so I probably won't say too terribly much.

School starts next week. I find that I am really terrifically nervous. I am trying not to think about it.

[ profile] lazlet fed me Battenberg cakes. They alone make moving to England worth it.

Now, off to get ready for day two of induction and orientation to teaching in England. Oh, joy.
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I woke up this morning with a migraine and the deep and abiding worry that they may not have a toaster at my prospective residence in London. What would I do without a toaster? It would be intolerable. And, of course, I probably couldn't afford to buy a toaster until after I get paid for the first time, half way through September. How can I possibly manage without toast for a month?

I am plagued with these weighty concerns. It is a trial, I tell you.

one week, exactly, as of an hour ago. O.O
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I am preparing to leave the house under my own power (being carried out does not count) in over a week. I am starting physiotherapy up at the hospital and my first appointment is this afternoon. I am slightly frightened of the outside world omg looking forward to it.

In other news, for no apparent reason, I have been overdosing on science websites of late. I have learned many interesting things. For example, the Big Bang? Probably made a sound that was more like a deep hum. There's an audio file. Other sounds of space may be heard here.

Oh so cool.

Also this morning, I made a cake. I am concerned that the icing is too sweet, though. The cake itself turned out great. Go me.
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I will, will, will catch up on email and lj tonight, I promise.

In the mean time -- my grandmother is out visiting from Manitoba and, between the godawful cold symptoms (a farewell gift from my last practice teaching session -- schools are virulent pits of disease at best), I've been entertaining her and ferrying her about the city and generally catering to her every whim, because she's a very nice old lady and I love her dearly, and also because she's rather fragile and needs help with things like opening jars and getting her shirt off over her head.

She's up for my graduation, which takes place this Thursday. We went shopping for a new dress for her on Friday, because she felt self-conscious that myself, my sister, and my mother were all intending to wear dresses and she had only brought dress pants. She is now the proud posessor of a bright red dress and jacket set, the colour of which gave her qualms until both my father and I assured her that it looks just great on her. And it does.

Graduation is shaping up to be a very nice, possibly tear-inducing, event, wherein my father, who is the Dean of my department, gives me my degree and my mother hoods me and my grandmother, who was too sick to attend my other graduations, and my sister, who is sixteen and well over being impressed with me graduating since I've done it so bloody often now, watch from the audience while we all blubber like girls before a crowd of a thousand odd people.

It's good that I have a nice dress to wear.

Today, we are packing a picnic lunch and heading out on the boat for a long turn around the lake, thus taking advantage of the gorgeous weather. There will be potato salad and roast beef sandwiches and fruit and sunshine and happiness and puppies, even, because our dogs enjoy boat rides, although I don't look forward to having to defend my lunch from those slavering beasts.
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Long day and I feel as though I should have some emotion at the end of it (happy? depressed? tired?), but am coming up blank.

Irrespective, watching TV on DVD, tucked into bed with home-made Indian food, totally unconcerned about the fact that it's midnight-forty is nice.

I have a date to go bike-riding with a friend of mine tomorrow morning. Yay!
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Last morning in Ottawa and am off to my last Elgin breakfast for quite some time to come. One of the many and much beloved Johns in my life will be there -- the John-Formerly-Known-As-Dane (we did not know his name, so we called him Dane, which suits him).

Oh, Ottawa.

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I had a really, truly, fantasticly wonderful sandwhich for lunch. It was sliced turkey breast with tomato and pepper, accompanied by carrot sticks and sliced apples. Very simple, but so enjoyable as to be worth posting about.

For dinner, we are having company and pad thai. I am looking forward to the pad thai, as I have been craving it for months.

This message has been brought to you from my belly, which has dealt with my body's jetlag by being hungry all the time on the theory that at some point it will be meal time and it is best to be prepared.
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Last night, [ profile] mcee and I joined my family in what was essentially Christmas Dinner Redux -- one of my mother's friends came over and, given that we had two guests for dinner, my mother felt that was reason enough to roast chickens and make stuffing and candied yams and beets and things. As well, much wine was consumed.

After kitchen cleanup, [ profile] mcee and I retreated to my room where we gave our collective geek a good workout. We played internet for a while, then read up to "N" on the Wikipedia list of common latin phrases and their english translations. After that, we watched the Buffy musical episode.

Now there will be diner breakfast, King Kong, and laying in supplies for tonight. The supplies will consist of:
- wine
- bread
- cheese
- cake
- fresh ginger root
- movies

I wish everyone an enjoyable last day of 2005!
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Do you know what is really very nice? Freshly washed sheets.

Also very nice, toast.

*brushes crumbs off of freshly washed sheets*
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Wow. Liek. It's early and things.

A bunch of people in my section, in recognition of the fact that we haven't seen each other for a couple of weeks and that it was cheap wings night at one of the sports bars in town, went out for dinner last night. I was one of them. Somehow dinner lasted until 11:30. I didn't get home until a little after midnight. But I was full of wings, which was very nice.

Now I am quite tired, though.

In other news, there is a potluck at my house tonight for all the people going to Kenya in February. I have made an African vegetable stew thing, which, much to my surprise, seems to have turned out edible. Of course, given my cooking, it may be edible but lethal. I am feeding some of it to one of the guys in my section for lunch today. If he's dead by the end of afternoon classes, I'll know to pick up a shrimp ring on the way home tonight.

So, while I wait for the coffee to kick in, I thought that I might post pictures of my bedroom, which I have painted a pretty colour and set up most attractively. In my opinion. You are, of course, welcome to disagree.

my bedroom )

I need new icons. I have no happy ones.
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As a result of having a toasted sandwich for lunch, I have now got crumbs down my shirt.

They're like sand. You never get rid of them.

Speaking of sand, this morning I put on a pair of pants that I apparently haven't worn in a year and a half, since the Christmas my family went to Hawaii. I found sand in the cuffs and bus transfers and a luau ticket in the pocket.


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