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Long live the iPhone and the ability to have the internet in my pocket everywhere I go.

Hello. I got engaged tonight. I am too happy for words. I will describe the moment and everything in more detail when I (eventually) stop flapping and bouncing and billing and cooing.


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I have been in love with Pompeii since I was little -- I did projects on it for history class when I was in primary school -- but I've never been there! He started planning this since October and only told me tonight. I knew we were going somewhere, but not where!

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I have acquired a particularly virulent strain of the plague which had me curled up under the covers in jeans, thick socks, a long-sleeved top, and a sweatshirt earlier. Every time I got up, I started shaking with cold, so I spent most of the afternoon there. My mother called from Canada and told me to take something to lower the fever, which has helped, but I still feel disgusting. BF is looking after me and making me bland food and bringing me glasses of water, which is helping.

And at the end of a gorgeous weekend, in which BF, myself, and some friends headed up to the British Motorcycle Federation's annual massive event. There were motorbikes and people racing mopeds in stupid outfits and a Wall of Death and bands and barbeques and all sorts.

Tucking back up into bed now. I do not intend to come out until tomorrow afternoon. I have already emailed my cover work in to school. So there.
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Do you know what are great beyond all things?

Bank Holiday Mondays. Three day weekends.

I should be teaching children right now, but am instead curled up in an armchair, watching BF and his friend play Mario Cart on the WII, and poking the internet idly to see what falls out. There is a roast chicken and rosemary potatoes going in the oven, a fruit salad sitting on the side for dessert, and a great deal of the day left in which to zen and be happy.
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BF and I went to France during the half-term break, where we both picked up a wicked flu bug that I am only just starting to get over. It might have helped if I had admitted to still being sick and staying home from work a day or two to recover, but that would be far too sensible and rational, so I have continued to drag myself in.

In other news, I have reports due for my Year 8 students on Friday, not to mention the fact that I am a Year 8 Form Tutor and will be responsible for editing the subject reports of my form kids the week after. At about 10 subject reports for each of the 30 kids in my form, that's about 300 individual pieces of paper.

My only consolation is that this is the biggest round of reports that I have to do this year. Once I get through this, it's clear sailing through to summer.

As well, my massive order of Russian mysteries and trashy romances arrived from Amazon this morning. As soon as I get two classes worth of reports done, I am going to reward myself with an hour on the couch with a book and a cup of tea.
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Laptop still FUBAR, but have a lead on a good repair place from the every lovely, ever wonderful [ profile] lazlet, so there is hope.

In a similar vein, work continues apace. I seem to have signed up for a ridiculous amount of it this year (volunteering to teach afterschool classes in Latin, representing my department on school committees, writing big chunks of our new schemes of work, and going for new qualifications all in one go), but I haven't dropped any of the balls I'm juggling yet, so I am encouraged.

As well, have moved in with BF. All very exciting. Still trying to figure out how to jam my stuff into the rather small nooks and crannies of his place. But it is, so far, going well. We are going to a Halloween party tonight -- as Mario and Luigi. It is excellent. We have overalls and caps and we have been dipping mushrooms into red and greeb food dye to make little Super Mushrooms and 1-Up Mushrooms.

In other news -- I have spent ages trying to figure out how to buy Danny Michel's new(ish) album from the UK and I can't! Nobody will sell it over here, not even on the internets! I want Coming Home, blast it all.

Am going to go make pumpkin soup to console myself for my lack of Danny Michel.
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YEAH bitch!!

To continue the Canadian theme -- am dragging BF to see the Tragically Hip tomorrow night at the Astoria in central London. Good and good.

In other news, the observation went well. Although I didn't get the top possible rating (me = overachiever), I did apparently really impress the fellow doing the observation to such a degree that he went out of his way to tell my head of department that I was awesome.

And so.
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I could moan and fuss and bother about the fact that I am getting observed tomorrow by the assistant head of the school, who has, in all his wisdom, elected to come in to a class that is more than a little behavioural. And, who, in all his wisdom, did not tell me he was coming in until I had no more classes with them to prep them for the lesson or pick more carefully what I was going to teach them. Mind you, what I am teaching them is great -- all about working conditions for children in factories in the Industrial Revolution. I am going to emphasise the "small children crushed in big machines" element for shock and horror value. They are fourteen. They will love it.

Anyway, as I said, I could moan and fuss and bother about that.

I am not going to. Rather, I am going to mention that the BF is taking me out for our six month anniversary. Whee!
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BF just won $430 US playing online poker. He plays while cleaning, cooking, or working out -- just as entertainment while doing worthwhile but boring things.

On this occasion, he beat out 35 other people to come first and win the big pot. He is pleased. He has paid for half of his ticket to Canada at Christmas with this game.

In other news, one week of school down, 38 weeks to go. Further tales of school and the like to come.
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I have gotten to the point where I haven't posted in long enough that now I'm not posting because I am overwhelmed at the thought of trying to update adequately.

I have therefore decided to do my best to collapse the last month or so into a point-form list.

the list )

On that note, dinner is on the table and I am off. Will certainly make an effort to update more frequently. And in better prose, more detail, and proper grammar.
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The BF took me to the ZOO today. There were monkeys! Of many descriptions! Lots and lots of monkeys!

Brace yourself for picspam of super-cute baby monkeys of many descriptions as soon as I find the chord to hook my camera up to my computer and upload them.

In other news: one weekend day and two week days left to the end of school. Hells, yeah, bitch!

In other, other news: TOUR. Hells, yeah, bitch!
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After a very long and very stressful two weeks (both professionally and personally), I utterly deserved Canada Day in London.

Yeah, bitch.

Of course, working all day, I missed the noon to six-ish festivities, including the road hockey tournament, but the music in the evening was really good, the beer was Canadian, and I picked up a bunch of swag.

Festivities continue today unofficially -- I am dragging the BF down to the Maple Leaf for further Canadian beer and poutine after we do a round of comic shops and other assorted geek venues.

In other news, down to two weeks and two days of school left. All my marks are in and all I have to do now is the fun bit -- planning and teaching the damn lessons! Not to mention we have a Year 6 day on Friday when all of next year's Year 7s come to the school and look tiny and terrified and confused. As well, on Thursday I am out of school to supervise a field trip of Year 9s up north. Woot!

In other other news, the sister graduated from high school on Thursday. I would have killed puppies to be there, but I did dash out between classes to call her and tell her I love her and am so very proud of her. She's done so well. She won the first ever Citizenship Award being granted annually to one graduate in the city! My parents filmed the whole thing and took tons of pictures so that I can see it when I go back in the summer.
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After an epic THREE DAYS apart, am back at BF's. We are going to Cambridge tomorrow. My BC Whores (which is to say, the two out of sixty-five people I live with that I actually like) went in to London yesterday to buy a dress for the occasion. We are having fancy dinner. And things. With people that are important to said BF and who I must therefore not offend or alienate in any way. My greatest hope is to keep my foot OUT of my mouth.

My dress is very nice, though.

*does not panic*

That said, I will also be spending time with the Stead papers for the first time since last October. I anticipate crying. A bit. Y'know. As I do.

In other news, the old laptop seems to have tanked a little...with all my old Stead and Master's stuff on it still.


BF says his dad can fix it.

*crosses fingers*
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Right, then.

Possibly the best day EVER. I am all a-glow with contentment.

(Even if I have spent the latter half of it working -- periodically the BF starts up piano playing in the other room when he takes a break from work, which makes even marking a great deal more palatable.)

Am committed to supervising on a sponsored walk tomorrow. A couple hundred of our anklebiters are joining in with a few hundred anklebiters from other schools in a walk across all the bridges of London to raise money to build a reduced-tuition high school in Uganda. Should be fun, even if the weather is looking nasty for tomorrow.
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BANK HOLIDAY MONDAYS ARE MY FAVOURITE. Not the least because I was just not in the mood to work yesterday and really didn't get any of the planning and marking and things I need to get done this weekend even started, so not having to go in today to teach tiny lunatics is a massive bonus.

I am extraordinarily in the mood to work right now and am currently enjoying an all over glow of productivity. We have finally got through the Tudors and Stuarts unit for Year 8, which we began back in September and I was quite sick of, so I can only imagine how the kids felt. We are now on to Black Peoples of the America. It's basicly an examination of slavery in the U.S. up to the point of emancipation and sets the kids up for some of the American history units that take place in upper years History, which focus on the struggle for civil rights for various groups through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

And while I feel bad saying I'm having fun with slavery, I really am. It is an interesting topic and one that I haven't done all that much on before, so I'm learning a lot, too.

That said, I've been letting my Year 7 stuff slide a little due to my enjoyment of the Year 8 content and am going to have to put some serious work in on that today, too.

Am currently curled up with my seven hundred pounds of work at the BF's, abusing his wireless internet to download all kinds of multi-media teaching resources. He has (foolishly!) left me alone here while he goes to get the exhaust on his car fixed. It is raining and I like very little more than sitting inside all warm and dry while listening to it be wet and miserable outside.
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I have broken in to [ profile] lazlet's (using the keys she gave me) and am lying in wait to viciously attack her when she gets home from work (largely because we made plans to get take away and watch teevee this evening). The rabid guard cats gave me some trouble (by flicking a contemptuous glare in my direction and then ignoring me completely), but I have persevered and ultimately triumphed.

Life in London continues apace. I am through my "oh my GOD what have I DONE why didn't anyone TALK ME OUT OF THIS!!" phase and into a "OH MY GOD I live in LONDON this is the AWESOMEST THING EVER!!" phase, which is very nice.

I met my department head yesterday. He is very lovely. He showed up in a crumpled blue pinstripe jacket over a t-shirt, jeans, and chucks. I was wearing a moderately-crumpled (from the suitcase) brown pinstripe jacket, a black v-neck, jeans, and hiking boots.

After getting lost for three hours that one time, I've decided to leave my chucks at home until I can depend upon getting where I'm going without a great deal of walking around parts unknown.

I think I'm going to fit right in. As long as I can keep from wearing the same dress to the prom school as my department head each day.

In other news: EVERYONE SHOULD GO TO SEE THE HOLOCAUST EXHIBIT AT THE IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM. It is the best of it's kind I've ever seen.

Ooh, ooh, [ profile] lazlet's home!


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