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Well! Many exciting things have happened. Chief among them the fact that Scooter and I bought a house! Click here for domestic blither and pictures. )

And that is my new house and surrounds!
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Am holding a LotR revival -- everyone's invited!

I'm on to Two Towers (extended edition, of course!). I watched Fellowship last weekend, when Scooter (as the husband shall henceforth be known) was out playing poker.

He refuses to watch the films, being such a great Tolkein fan that he is worried the films will supplant his mental pictures of his favourite books of all time. His one and only tattoo is Tolkein's little symbol thing. He is v. serious about it all.

Although this causes me some distress, I return the favour by adamently refusing to watch his favourite genre -- horror. I have explained that unless he wants to sleep with the lights permanently on and with me having screaming night terrors as a result, he will accept this unfortunate tendency of mine.

Anyway, back the point. Hobbit party 'round mine!
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Mmm, lazy autumnal day. I keep saying to myself, "In a minute, I'm going to do something." Somehow, however, it is 3:22pm and I am still on the couch, fussing with the computer and watching TV.

I did the dishes? But only because I can't stand cooking in a dirty kitchen and I was struck with a fancy to have an omlette for lunch.

I am determined that, in a minute, I really will go get the pile of Year 9 books I brought home to mark and make a start on them.

Anyway, hi, eljay! How's things? I'm well, I hope you are well, too. New job is going well, although change is of course quite stressful. The commute, although long (80 miles round trip, 5 days a week), is also okay. I'm getting used to terribly early mornings to beat the traffic, but sleeping in later and later on weekends. Being married is nice -- mostly the same as it was before being married, but without a wedding to plan and pay for. Am now engrossed in house-hunting. It's all terribly grown up.

So what's new with you, internets? The more you talk to me, the more I can put off the aforementioned doing something! PLEASE TALK TO ME LOTS AND LOTS OMG.
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To do today:

- buy a new laptop!!! :D
- do lots of work on the new laptop, beacause I am very behind since my old one died a week and a half ago. :/
- drink coffee.
- eat stuff.
- feed the fish.

Woot woot. One down already.

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So, despite having the cold from hell only three days before the wedding, things are progressing well.

In between naps today, I accomplished the following:

  • got marriage licence

  • bought ribbon for decorating the deck and marquee

  • bought wrapping paper and thank you cards for the wedding party thank you gifts

  • bought disposable cameras for the dinner tables

  • helped finish painting the deck

  • touched base with ALL vendors to make sure everything is on track

Meanwhile, my family and future in-laws conspired to accomplish the following:

  • mow the lawn

  • weed-whip the edges of the lawn

  • lay indoor/outdoor carpet on the part of the deck we're getting married on

  • buy all the flowers to decorate the arbour, deck, and dinner tables

  • paint those parts of the deck that needed it

  • finalise the booking for the sunset cruise we're taking Wednesday night

  • sort out dry cleaning of necessary outfits in advance of the wedding

  • be great

So! All progresses apace. Now, if I can shake this bloody, rotten, no good, stinky cold, all will be perfect.
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OMG. Me + Bed = Lurve. Zzzzzzz.

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Tour! It snuck up on me.

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I went into the kitchen this morning to find that one of my fish, Max, had jumped out of the bowl in the night and was tangled, dead, in the wires and tubes behind the bowl. It was horrible. I then left the kitchen and did not go back in, despite the fact that it meant no breakfast or lunch for me. I do not like -- in a phobia kind of way -- dead things.

While I was at work, my mother and father-in-law came over and took my poor little fish's body away and buried it in their garden. I have since found the courage to go back into the kitchen and offer my condolences to the surviving fish, Sam.

Really, not the best ever start to the week.

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New personal motto, courtesy of Sue Sylvester:

So, good luck with your troubles and I'm going to make it a habit not to stop and talk to students, because this has been a colossal waste of my time.

Me = awesome teacher!
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I <3 Emma Thompson.

That is all.

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[ profile] little_bullets and I are reviving the Six Degrees of Separation game. I am returning to my epic addiction after a five year-ish hiatus. And after one day, I've already converted a good portion of my co-workers from "that is the saddest game on the planet" to "oh...oh....OH! I know, I've got it!" levels of participation.

So, to quote the BFF:


Gimme two Hollywood screen actors and I'll link them to each other through six or less movies. No cheating (IMDB, Google, etc). Once I've answered I'll give you two names for you to connect, which you can do in your journal if you want to perpetuate the game.

Go team go!!
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It's amazing what the fiancé and I can do with a lazy Saturday morning lounging in our pyjamas.

Having yet to get dressed or leave the bed (except to make coffee), we have now booked flights for ourselves and his entire family for the wedding this summer, planned and sent price enquiries to all necessary in-Canada transportation agencies, began correspondence with hotels in Toronto and North Bay to negotiate group rates, began correspondence with local florists to discuss options for and cost of a bridal bouquet and corsage/button-hole arrangements, and wrote the entire wedding ceremony.

I am now sending said ceremony to our officiant for confirmation that it does fulfil the legal requirements for marriage ceremonies in Canada, after which time I may get up, shower, and get dressed.

But I make no promises!
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Toast, coffee, and snow day take two!

It feels like a cheat as the weather is beautiful: cold, clear, snow on the ground but no more falling.

However, it seems that the power got knocked out at school, so there you go.


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Hi internetz! I have missed you. As such, I used my totally unexpected and COMPLETELY AWESOME snow day off work to poke and prod you until interesting things fell out.

I also did some work boring boring boring and went to the pub for lunch. On a weekday! I also napped. And was very Canadian as I instructed everyone around me on the safest way to walk over ice and compacted snow.

Unfortunately, it looks as though things are clear enough that a second snow day is unlikely. Still, I can hardly complain. That would be greedy.

I LOVE snow days.
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Merry Christmas, flist! I am very fond of you all and hope you all have a wonderful day.

I'm hosting Christmas on my own this year -- read: with plenty of help, but without my mother to oversee. I have a date with my family in Canada over the webcam after lunch, which is very exciting. We've got five people coming around to our little flat, making seven in total. I think the polite term is 'cosy'. Fortunately we all like each other.

I am very organised. I've made lists and schedules and things. I made the pumpkin pies, the stuffing, and stuffed onions yesterday. Got up this morning and put the turkey in. To make yet today are the vegetables, roast potatoes, toast, and parma ham and pear bites.

We've invited an elderly neighbour from upstairs down for a glass of wine just before lunch time, so we're having the stuffed onions and pear bites then. For an appetiser, we're having toast, different types of paté, and a bit of salad. The main is the traditional turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, brussel sprouts, yorkshire puddings, gravy, and cranberry sauce. Then pumpkin pie, Christmas pudding, mince pies, cream, and ice cream for dessert, followed by cheese, chocolates, and port.

I, er, may have gone a bit overboard? But that only means lots of Christmas leftovers. Woot woot!
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In a most interesting turn of events, someone abandoned goldfish on the doorstep to our flat somewhere in the 36ish hours before Thursday evening. The Eff went out the door Thursday morning at about 5am and, in the gloom, thought a balloon had washed up against the wall of the building. I didn't even see it when I left an hour and a half or so later. When we arrived home (coincidentally at the same time) that evening, he said "Oh, that balloon's still there. I'll go get it."

In the again gloomy light of 7pm, he reached for it.

Instead of squishy, squeeky plastic, he got a ting of glass and a dramatic flare of goldfish tale against the side of the bowl.

I admit, I jumped half out of my skin.

After about five minutes of OMG OMG WHAT DO WE DO WHAT DO WE DO???!!!, the Eff said, "! What would we do with them when we go to Canada for weeks next summer to get married? If we take them in, we're responsible for them!"

I said, "Look, there's a science teacher at school who has fish in his classroom. I'm sure he won't mind some more. Or the elderly lady upstairs! Or someone at your school! But I can't bear it if we go out tomorrow morning and they're floating dead!"

So we brought them and the air pump and Tupperware full of food left next to the bowl in, the Eff grumbling all the way about what an insane softy I am.

The bowl was in a disgusting state -- encrusted on mould around the top, water thick with fish poop, rings where the water had been evaporating inch by inch. We tipped the fish into a bucket in the kitchen and I spent an hour scrubbing the bowl in the bathtub. At the end of the hour, I emerged, feeling filthy myself but carrying a beautiful, crystal-clear glass bowl. And the Eff said, "...I think we should name the little one Sam and the big one Max..."

Apparently they'd been bonding while I'd been up to my armpits in nasty fish bowl. So now we have fish!

We went out to the pet shop this morning and dropped a fortune on gravel, a new bowl accessory, a filter, a light, lengths of new tubing, food, a net, and formulas for dechlorination and encouragement of healthy bacterial cultures in the bowl water.

So, I present Sam and Max! )

What an unexpected Christmas present! Wassup mah fishes!
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Just got onto the bus to the family planning clinic for my contraceptive injection...and am SURROUNDED by babies. There are three in the seats around me and more upstairs.

Most of them are crying or yelling.

It's a warning from the universe about the perils of being careless with contraception!

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Am in the midst of having a music Renaissance. I've been listening to all my old favourites on a rotation -- Headstones, Tragically Hip, Spirited of the West. I've now punched 'Headstones' into and am getting a galaxy of...Headstones, Tragically Hip, and Spirited of the West! It is AWESOME!

There needs to be more Canadian music gigs in England. They don't know what they're missing over here!!!

*headbangs self across the length of the kitchen and back*
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Sue Sylvester: You need to remember something -- we are dealing with children. They need to be terrified. It's like mother's milk to them. Without it, their bones won't grow properly.

Teaching tips from Glee. I will be applying this methodology upon my return to school next Monday.
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Miss Pillsbury: Rachel, did you just throw up?

Rachel: No.

Miss Pillsbury: You missed the toilet.

Rachel: The girl throwing up before me left that. I tried, but I guess I just don't have a gag reflex.

Miss Pillsbury: When you get older, that will turn out to be a gift.

[ profile] lazlet, I blame you. I have been mainlining Glee all day.


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