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Apparently, I only have the attention span to get half way through parenting books. I therefore introduce new techniques with great confidence and enthusiasm, only to descend into well meaning chaos.

I am currently half way through What To Expect in the First Year, the No Cry Sleep Solution, and Baby Led Weaning. As such, I know what to expect for the first five-odd months, how to get Prof Wrigglesworth into his crib to sleep but not how to keep him there, and why baby led weaning is good but not how to do it.


Anyway, I'll push on with the weaning book until I learn how to keep the kid from choking and wing it from there.

In other news, season 4 of Heroes is annoying me. It's not following its own internally established rules! As much as I think it was a mistake to establish in season 2 that the immortal cheerleader's blood could heal others and even bring people back from the dead, establish it they did by having Claire heal her adopted father Noah's bad case of having been shot in the head.

But at the end of season 3, when her biological father Nathan has his throat slashed, everyone seems to forget this nifty little ability, including the very guy who was brought back from the dead the season before. You'd think an experience like that would stick with him, but apparently not. Instead, it's decided the best thing to do is brainwash the shapeshifting murderer who killed him into thinking he IS Nathan and have him take over. Because that doesn't have the potential to go terribly wrong.

Also, what's with the random superpowered carny plotline? And why did they kill off Nicky only to replace her with the much less interesting and likeable newly discovered twin sister Tracy? It just doesn't make any sense. Season 1 was one of the best things I've ever seen on TV, but subsequent seasons have just become more and more bogged down in secret formulas and inconsistent characterisation (yes, Mohinder, I'm looking at you). Disappointing.


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