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Tour!! My favourite time of the year. Myself and the only other Tour fan are having a passive-aggressive war with the Wimbledon fans at work. There's a TV in the staff room and we all keep flipping the channels when no one is looking. Sadly, we're outnumbered by the tennis devotees and don't get a lot of cycling coverage, but we're trying!
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Watching the Stage 2 highlights from yesterday while Stage 3 tapes today. The commentators have spent the last half an hour billing and cooing about Mark Cavendish - what a great cyclist he is, how gracious he is towards his team, how he is always willing to sacrifice his own achievement for the good of the team, etc. They're about two seconds away from offering to have his babies.

In other news, the Eff came home from the grocery store today clutching the official Tour guide for me. He said he was thinking of picking up some flowers, but thought I'd like that better. I knew I agreed to marry him for a reason. He even pretends to listen when I talk about the Tour for hours on end! That's love, that is. ;)

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Tour, Tour, Tour! I am watching the highlights from the first stage while marking. Whee!

(WTF, Lance Armstrong? That is so 2005!)

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Hey! Tour! That snuck up on me.
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The BF took me to the ZOO today. There were monkeys! Of many descriptions! Lots and lots of monkeys!

Brace yourself for picspam of super-cute baby monkeys of many descriptions as soon as I find the chord to hook my camera up to my computer and upload them.

In other news: one weekend day and two week days left to the end of school. Hells, yeah, bitch!

In other, other news: TOUR. Hells, yeah, bitch!


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