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My Mondays are fantastic. I start at 9:30 (instead of the usual 8:30), have an hour of art, a couple of hours of real class but with a teacher who does more drama and role playing games than any real lecturing, an hour of lunch (usually spent lounging in a large group on the steps next to the campus lake), then two hours of gym (spent running around and pretending to be in grade seven or so -- today I did cartwheels when no one was looking and we played soccer and ultimate frisbee)


Also, have mailed my thesis to Carleton. I am REALLY, really done now. And I didn't even put a "Suck it, Carleton" post-it onto the package. I wanted to, but my parents thought it might be better to wait until after they give me my degree.

So. Hi. Tired.

*flops and falls asleep*
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Today I:

- feel better
- got to play with a digital camera for an hour in Education and Computers class
- played frisbee with a handful of my section mates for almost two hours over lunch
- signed up to be on the section softball team for a fun league next weekend
- had the health half of Phys Ed and Health class and came to the conclusion that I would be completely comfortable teaching sex ed to grade eights because watching them blush would be funny and endearing
- had my first International Education and Teaching class
- had my thesis rewrites approved by my thesis supervisor, making me OFFICIALLY DONE.

I am going to celebrate by going to bed.

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I wanted to write something about the defence on Thursday, but unfortunately my week practice teaching has left me with the bug from hell. At one point in its life, this bug was a cold, but now it is a vile mutation that is chewing on my sinus cavities, crawling down my throat, and settling into my chest to die.

Suffice to say, the defence experience was incredibly unpleasant, but I passed and that is the important thing. Also important is the fact that I am going to go back to the Carleton campus once more for my graduation and then never again, short of an impressively large salary and a tenure track position.

Now myself, my man-eating disease, and my cat are going to bed. We expect to be very happy, the three of us.
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Thank you to everyone who's sent me well wishes and buck ups and good lucks.  I promise to reply to each and every one of you individually as soon as I get this defence thing finished.

I have to go put on pants now.  It's on my list of things to do.  I was worried about a repeat of Tuesday night's dressing mishap.
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I want everyone to know that last night I got home from my first day of practice teaching, changed out of my work clothes into comfy clothes, and wandered around for half an hour before I realised I had forgotten to put on pants.

I am the future of your children, folks.

In other news, first day went well, second day promises to do the same, and my thesis defence is tomorrow.

Coffee.  Coffee makes it all better.
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Weekend was great! [ profile] lies_d was great, meeting Mr.[ profile] lies_d was great, was great, and dinner at the Green Room was great. James Marsters almost tripped over my feet, I spent all weekend making fun of Elijah Wood (who was apparently there but you could only see if you paid an extra hundred dollars on top of the forty dollar general pass), and I accidentally made eye contact with Kevin Sorbo. Also, much comics fun and frolic was had.

Sadly, it is now time to get back to work. I start school again tomorrow, my parents' big annual party is tomorrow night, most of my belongings remain to be unpacked, and my thesis defense is a week Thursday.

Does anyone remember what my thesis was about?
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I have five plus years of pack rat-ism strewn across my floors, I have chewed my previously respectable fingernails off, my father can't come to help because of a work emergency, I have twelve hundred forty nine seven fifteen eight eleven twenty two nine things to do tomorrow before my mother arrives with the moving truck at eleven o'clock, another seventy nine two four thousand twelve eleventy nine eight one seven things to do after she leaves with the truck a few hours later, I may have accidentally packed the pair of clean underpants I meant to wear tomorrow, and my father talked me into leaving my bike behind when I came up to Ottawa to sort things out so I HAVEN'T RIDDEN IN DAYS AND I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. I AM SO SICK OF PACKING I CAN'T EVEN. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME I HAD ACCUMULATED THIS MUCH CRAP? I'M GOING TO MISS MY DISHES WHEN I MOVE BACK INTO MY PARENTS' HOUSE. I'M NOT GOING TO HAVE EVERYTHING READY IN TIME AND MY MOTHER IS GOING TO BE DISPLEASED. MY THESIS DEFENCE HAS BEEN SET FOR A DAY WHEN I'M SUPPOSED TO BE PRACTICE TEACHING AND THE COMMITTEE IS COMPOSED OF CANADIAN AND WOMEN'S HISTORIANS, WHICH REALLY ISN'T WHAT MY THESIS IS ABOUT. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY MISS MY BIKE.

That is all. Carry on.
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The bike.

Oh. My. God.

The bike.

I am actually, earnestly, not-faking-for-internet-fun at a loss for words to describe how wonderful the bike is. I rode for a little over two hours today and felt like I could have easily gone for another two, except for the fact that I really did need to get back to packing. I even managed to get the hang of clipless pedals right off, which work rather like ski bindings. The gentlemen at Full Cycle out and out promised me that I would fall off the bike a couple of times before it got through to my subconscious that my feet were actually bound into the pedals and that I needed to twist out to release them. Apparently, however, a lifetime of downhill skiing has served me in good stead and I had no trouble at all adjusting.

Anyway, the bike proved to be even more fabulous over the first ride than I had expected it to be after my three second spin around the cycle shop's parking lot. I can't wait for tomorrow when, if I get up early enough, I get to do it again.

Also on the plate for tomorrow: FINALLY TURNING MY THESIS IN HEY YEAH RIGHT ON. Loading up my car with my cats, bikes, skis, guitar (which will likely be sad and lonely in the presence of all those other matched pairs), and anything else that will fit. Driving to North Bay.

But enough about the mundane nonsense. I'm going to go back to thinking about my bike now.
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Good things that happened today:

- I got an email back from my thesis supervisor absolutely positively promising me that I will be able to get my thesis handed in by Tuesday afternoon.
- I spent omg so much much less than I would have had I not been a smarter-than-I-usually-am shopper and researched sales ahead of time. I got a bike rack for my car so that I'll be able to take my beautiful new baby as well as my reliable old baby (soon to be my mother's one and only) to North Bay when I go, some assorted and much needed bike-related bits and pieces, and two new shirts that I'll be able to dress down with jeans or up with a nice skirt as needed for classes and practice teaching respectively.
- thought a lot about my new bike.
- read great chunks of the owner's manual for my new bike.
- wrote a list of questions to ask when I go to pick up my new bike.
- bike.
- bike.
- bike.
- saw Casablanca for the first time ever at Bytowne Cinema with [ profile] graycastle, and enjoyed it immensely, I might add. Far more than I expected to.
- bike.

All in all, a very lovely day.
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The Montreal weekend was great. [ profile] jubilancy and [ profile] oneangrykate(s) are great. [ profile] mcee was as lovely as ever, but in a completely different city than I'm used to her being lovely in. I saw my Montreal cousins, and they were great. I barely thought about my thesis at all, had a really seriously lovely time, and came home only very reluctantly. I am making plans to either kidnap or be kidnapped by the aforementioned Montreal girls permanently.

My cycling preoccupation is getting out of hand. Several Montreal cyclists think that they were being perved upon, when really I was lusting over their bikes. I cannot pass a cycling shop without sticking my nose against the window and trying to read the price tags on their display models. I am currently attempting to figure out what make and model of road bike offers the best value/cost balance, but the internet, for once, is not helping. I am very confused, but soldiering on.

Thesis continues to anti-develop. Thesis supervisor should get her requested couriered print out of it in hand tomorrow morning and perhaps something will happen shortly thereafter. Defense, I hear, should be early September some time.

I went to see Sky High with [ profile] lmondegreen this after noon. The movie was cute and amusing, and the same can be said, as always, of the company. Afterwards, I gave [ profile] lmondegreen a ride home and met her dog, who is absolutely adorable. He's big and affectionate and kind of floppy looking.

Tomorrow's plans include:

- bike ride
- getting passport pictures taken
- submitting passport renewal forms (w/ pictures)
- drooling over bikes at what seems to be a particularly well-favoured downtown cycling shop (all the models I'm most interested in list this particular shop as their Ottawa distributer)
- buying boxes to start packing my house up for the move to North Bay, which is coming up...quickly
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I am burnt to a crisp, all down the back of my shoulders and upper arms. My forearms, which were already tanned, just tanned...more. It's a funny tan, though, because I was wearing my cycling gloves, so the backs of my hands and wrists are much lighter.

I will, due to the burn, have to sleep on my stomach tonight. Which I hate doing. Because I don't sleep.

This is all a lead up to say: still no word.

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So, my thesis was due yesterday, my thesis supervisor has left the country and hasn't been heard from since, I have a much better draft that I'd like to give to her, and the graduate secretary of my department started making "oh, well, I don't know what we're going to do about your defense!" noises that were the exact opposite of helpful.

I am proud to say that I am not freaking out, which is, of course, my default response to everything ever. I have embraced the realisation that there's nothing I can do just now, so panic would serve no purpose. Instead, I opted to ride my bike until my ass went so numb that I really couldn't feel the seat, have my grad photos taken (an act of good faith -- also, my mother made me, because I didn't get grad photos at either my high school or B.A., and my grandmothers have a picture of me from grade eight on their respective walls), and did a little impulse shopping, but not so much that I have to feel bad about how much I spent.

Now I have beer, a sad lack of Tour de France, some doubts about whether or not any Canadian channel will show the Vuelta in September, the last half of the new Harry Potter (which I started between the cycling and the grad photos), and a bucketful of denial.

As long as I have denial (and beer), it will be okay.
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Last year, my mother warned me that the time would come when I would be good and sick of my thesis topic. Well, I'm good and sick of my thesis, so she was half right. I've yet to get tired of Stead. Give me a few more days, though, and we'll see how I feel.
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I have decided to go home and make my parents deal with the last-weekend-before-thesis-is-due anxiety. They're good and convincing me that I'm not really going to fail, that my thesis doesn't really suck, that all the things that I think are complete crises are actually completely manageable, and just otherwise generally smothering me with love and support.

The cats can hold down the Ottawa fort, I'm off to North Bay for the long weekend.
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Oh, dear. Just when I thought I could relax, I made the extremely unpleasant discovery that the paper copy of the "Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon" that my thesis supervisor had in her files and gave me, and from which I've been working the entire time I was writing chapter three, was randomly abridged in numerous places. Without any indication that any abridement had been done, entire chunks were excised from the text by whoever it was who transcribed the articles to computer.

I made this discovery while I was trying to sort out my footnotes, which was supposed to be a very low-thought, low-stress, nit-picky process.

This, while not affecting the conclusions in my actual chapter, does make life a little more difficult. I'm not quite as confident about my chapter as I was when I thought I'd actually read the damn article that I spent 45-odd pages analysing. Also, do I have to tell my thesis supervisor that her copy of the series is inaccurate? She has written and is writing various articles and books and things that touch on the topic.

I so don't want to tell her.

I'm now in the process of sorting out an actual transcript of the series. I'm going to print it out hopefully tonight. Tomorrow I'll read it and sort out the footnotes that I had thought I would get done today. It's not a crisis, although it felt like one when I realised what had happened, but certainly offsetting.

In other news, I adore [ profile] andpuff -- she's been one of my favourite fantasy/sci-fi writers since I was in high school and her lj reads like a fic writer's journal. Also, it's very exciting when she posts that she's submitted the manuscript for the third book in her current trilogy.

*waits impatiently for it to hit shelves*
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I have just finished my rewrites. Further rewrites will no doubt be required after my thesis supervisor goes over it, and will certainly be required after the thesis defense board takes a whack at it, but for now? Done.

I now have a thesis, as opposed to a collection of disconnected chapters. It is one document. One 143 page, 45 131 word document.

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On a more positive note, the computer file seems to be a generally better version of the chapter.
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Right, now that that's off my chest. Back to work.
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Thesis Progress Update:

Introduction: Historiography
Chapter 1: Stead's Editorial Theory
Chapter 2: General Gordon
Chapter 3: Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon
Conclusion: Titanic

Total word count at this point: 44,384
Final draft due in to thesis supervisor: tomorrow
Final draft due in to the department: a week tomorrow
Cups of coffee purchased and consumed today: six
Number of those cups that contained decaf: one

Number of annoying cats on my lap, licking my elbow, resting the full of their not-inconsiderable weight on my forearm, stepping on my ovaries, and otherwise making it both painful and difficult to type: 1

In other news, I really need to try to stop thinking about the Tour de France now and go back to thinking about Stead. The Tour's over. It's time for me move on.

[ profile] lazlet and [ profile] the_oscar_cat, I want you both to know that I blame you two entirely for my current difficulties with concentration. many days until the next Tour, exactly? And what does one do to fill the time in between?
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Do you know what? I'm actually getting to the place where I feel like I really am going to finish this thesis, and on time, what's more. I'm even making post-thesis plans without having to struggle with a tight, panicky feeling in my chest.


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