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New personal motto, courtesy of Sue Sylvester:

So, good luck with your troubles and I'm going to make it a habit not to stop and talk to students, because this has been a colossal waste of my time.

Me = awesome teacher!
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Sue Sylvester: You need to remember something -- we are dealing with children. They need to be terrified. It's like mother's milk to them. Without it, their bones won't grow properly.

Teaching tips from Glee. I will be applying this methodology upon my return to school next Monday.
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Miss Pillsbury: Rachel, did you just throw up?

Rachel: No.

Miss Pillsbury: You missed the toilet.

Rachel: The girl throwing up before me left that. I tried, but I guess I just don't have a gag reflex.

Miss Pillsbury: When you get older, that will turn out to be a gift.

[ profile] lazlet, I blame you. I have been mainlining Glee all day.
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West Wing's "The Crackpots and These Women" on tee-vee, final design of wedding invitations progressing, bruschetta topping marinating in the fridge for dinner, and a glass of wine within reach.

This is toe-wiggling levels of goodness.

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*dusts off formerly spiffy design skills*

*designs wedding invitations*

*designs wedding website*

Woot woot! I am accomplished. And nearly done the website. But brain-fried after doing this for two days and so kicking my feet up and watching Supernatural reruns for the rest of the night.

Eff has made one of his famous(read: fierce and terrifyingly hot) pots of chilli and rice for dinner. Looking forward to that like woah.
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Monday morning

5 1/3 hours of sleep.

Not enough work done over the weekend.

3 episodes of The Long Way Around and 28 Weeks Later watched.

Many video games played.


Hello, week! I am not ready for you today! Please feel free to go away and come back tomorrow, yes.
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Well, I have done something stupid to my back and it is quite sore again. I haven't been this bad in ages, which is distressing as one week, three hours, and forty-four minutes from now, I am going to be setting off for Boston.

Not that I am counting.

There is a lot of sitting between here and Boston. Must sort that out.

In other news, am enjoying an evening of [ profile] lazlet, [ profile] wildrocket, The Goth Detective Team, and the Pissy Doctor Boyfriends Show. Also internets. And pizza and wine! All very good.

Just the thing after a day where one of my kids tried to stab another kid in the head with a pencil first period, a kid shouted something vaguely racist across the room second period, and every subsequent period just involved me winding children up until they reached the breaking point. I became a teacher because it's the only profession I could find where I could torture children without getting into trouble. What other job could I have where I would be allowed to systematically steal the shoes of small children, I ask you?

My favourite part of the day was where I covered an English class composed half of kids I teach for History and half of kids that didn't know me. I proceeded to be as crazy as I usually am and demanded shoes in trade for lending pens, made fun of the children who argued with me, and taught everyone that the word "geek" means "eats live animals." The half of the class that knows me proceeded to assure the half that didn't that, no, she really is serious, you have to give her your shoe, and despite the fact that she seems insane, she doesn't actually bite. At least, she hasn't yet. Much.

Fun, I tell you.
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Oh, lord, just staple a "teacher cliché" sign to my back and call it a day.

I am sick and there is pain and grossness in my throat and lungs and things. I spent all day yesterday curled up in bed watching procedural shows -- I have overdosed on Criminal Minds and Bones, with just a little bit of House tossed in to keep me from being completely paranoid about psychotic killers and horrible deaths.

I am feeling a little better today, which is good, because I still have a ton of marking left to do and my Christmas break is slipping through my fingers at a terrifying speed. Only three more days before I fly back to England.

...*clings to family*
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BFF is here! We have:

- napped
- cuddled
- exchanged presents (I am in the flannel pjs she bought me -- so cute! there are little cottages all over them!)
- ventured out briefly
- quickly ventured back in where we belong
- ate chocolate
- watched Studio 60
- wrapped presents (by which I mean that I started wrapping presents, then got bored and let [ profile] mcee carry on wrapping my presents alone)
- decorated a Christmas tree
- cuddled some more

(She is cuddling me right now!)

(Actually, now she is eating me starting with my bottom shoulder.)




(Oh, hell with it.)
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So this thing where you work and then they give you money = AWESOME.

(My first paycheque came in the mail today. Whee! It's not very much -- only for the first week's worth of working, but the very first paycheque I have ever gotten for working in my field of study. BOTH my fields of study! History and teaching! Teaching of history! All very exciting.)

Two more children failed to show up for detention today -- I get to start tomorrow off on another child-hunt. A fantastic end to the week. And that really isn't sarcasm. Nothing gives me more joy than the thought of cornering a small person on a Friday to inform them that they have an EXTRA LONG detention waiting for them on Monday due to the fact that they skipped the completely-not-a-big-deal 15 min detention they skipped, then sending them off to think about it ALL WEEKEND.

Ha! See previous post re: winning at teaching.

In other news: everyone ever needs to lay hands on and watch Life on Mars as soon as they reasonably can.

(PS: GIP. Again. From a picture I took at the Front Page exhibit.)
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Forty minutes in to SYTYCD and waiting to find out )

Today I learned that I am oversensitive. My sixteen-year-old sister told me so. The conversation went like this:

her: What car are we taking?
me: Mine.
her: Really??!!
me: Um. Yes. Why?
her: You're so oversensitive.

I exagerate not. Word for word.

So now you know.

ETA: OMG. 9:54 )
ETA2: 9:59 )
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Ever since the first time I saw this commercial, years and years ago, I have wanted a house hippo for my very own. They seem to get on well enough with cats.
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Long day and I feel as though I should have some emotion at the end of it (happy? depressed? tired?), but am coming up blank.

Irrespective, watching TV on DVD, tucked into bed with home-made Indian food, totally unconcerned about the fact that it's midnight-forty is nice.

I have a date to go bike-riding with a friend of mine tomorrow morning. Yay!
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Damn it all to hell. I lost track of time and missed CSI.


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