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Mmm, lazy autumnal day. I keep saying to myself, "In a minute, I'm going to do something." Somehow, however, it is 3:22pm and I am still on the couch, fussing with the computer and watching TV.

I did the dishes? But only because I can't stand cooking in a dirty kitchen and I was struck with a fancy to have an omlette for lunch.

I am determined that, in a minute, I really will go get the pile of Year 9 books I brought home to mark and make a start on them.

Anyway, hi, eljay! How's things? I'm well, I hope you are well, too. New job is going well, although change is of course quite stressful. The commute, although long (80 miles round trip, 5 days a week), is also okay. I'm getting used to terribly early mornings to beat the traffic, but sleeping in later and later on weekends. Being married is nice -- mostly the same as it was before being married, but without a wedding to plan and pay for. Am now engrossed in house-hunting. It's all terribly grown up.

So what's new with you, internets? The more you talk to me, the more I can put off the aforementioned doing something! PLEASE TALK TO ME LOTS AND LOTS OMG.
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New personal motto, courtesy of Sue Sylvester:

So, good luck with your troubles and I'm going to make it a habit not to stop and talk to students, because this has been a colossal waste of my time.

Me = awesome teacher!
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Hi internetz! I have missed you. As such, I used my totally unexpected and COMPLETELY AWESOME snow day off work to poke and prod you until interesting things fell out.

I also did some work boring boring boring and went to the pub for lunch. On a weekday! I also napped. And was very Canadian as I instructed everyone around me on the safest way to walk over ice and compacted snow.

Unfortunately, it looks as though things are clear enough that a second snow day is unlikely. Still, I can hardly complain. That would be greedy.

I LOVE snow days.
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Sue Sylvester: You need to remember something -- we are dealing with children. They need to be terrified. It's like mother's milk to them. Without it, their bones won't grow properly.

Teaching tips from Glee. I will be applying this methodology upon my return to school next Monday.
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Oh, yeah, and my school has just had a confirmed case of swine flu. Oops!

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I should be preparing for the lesson observation I have on Tuesday.

Instead I have fallen into the most wonderful (and procrastination-aiding) website ever:

My no-so-inner OCD bibliophile is made very happy by this website. I have spent a half hour adjusting the star ratings on books I've added so far to make sure that they reflect perfectly the relative positioning of said books in my affection. I am resisting the urge to search and add every book I've ever read as a way of putting off marking and planing.

I am in love with this website. I may have to marry this website.
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I am rather disappointed to report that I didn't get the job. Considering that it is the job that I've been doing for the last two and a half years, I have to admit to feeling rather kicked in the teeth. After short-listing me and putting me through a pretty rigorous day of interviewing combined with my regular teaching schedule, I was called at 7pm on Friday night and told that new legislation meant that they couldn't hire me.

Why, if the legislation was so clear-cut, I was short-listed, put through the interview process, and made to wait until late Friday evening to get told about it, I don't know. Something has happened behind the scenes that I don't quite understand, but the long and short of it is that they've hired someone else to do my job as of September and there will no longer be a History position open for me at the school.

I spent yesterday wallowing -- at the eminently sensible suggestion of [ profile] lazlet -- and have moved through being catastrophically upset and on to being quite healthily pissed off at whatever behind the scenes fast one just got pulled.

It's definitely time to move on. They made noises about keeping me on as a full-time cover teacher, but I've worked for two years to get my qualified teacher status in Britain, I started all of this to move my career forward, and I refuse to be knocked backwards. I've spent three years at this school as a so-called 'supply' teacher giving evenings, weekends, and holidays (for which I did not get paid, I might add), working my ass off, writing new schemes of work and units, running clubs, and taking kids on trips. If that isn't enough to beat a newly qualified teacher who strolled in blind off the street on Friday morning, then fuck'em. They were never going to give me a job no matter what I did. I'm off to find a school that rewards my kind of hard work with more than disloyalty and disrespect.

Spending today searching the job ads, sending emails, getting my CV in order, and getting a handle on this 'legislation' business. Two fingers up to the school and good bloody riddance.
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Job interview tomorrow -- around my usual teaching schedule! Eep!


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Am considering abandoning my application for my teaching post1 and applying instead for this post.

1 Hi. Interviews on Friday. Tasks set around my regular teaching sechedule -- so through my free period and lunch. Interviews after school. But because they scheduled 24 people to be interviewed on one day for posts in three separate subjects, the History interviews will be taking place in 15 minute slots between 7 and 9 pm. That is, if everything runs on time. Which it never does. I figure I'll be lucky to get out of there by 10pm. Stress!
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I LOVE non-uniform day!!

Like Christmas, it only comes around once a year, but it is all worth the wait. Nothing beats getting to stand around the corridors in my comfy jeans and laugh at some of the outfits that 13 year olds think show them off to their best advantage.

Not only that, but it's the last day before half term break! Life does not get better than this.

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What was supposed to be Wednesday's observation got rescheduled to tomorrow.

Upside: more time to plan it, which I just spent ALL of today doing.

Downside: if it hadn't been rescheduled, it would have been over by now and I wouldn't have had to think about it anymore. And because I just gave up all of today to plan it, I didn't get any of my GCSE marking done, which is what I MEANT to spend all of today doing.


Anyway, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I am cooking up a feast next weekend, including pumpkin pie, in honour of the event. I would have done it this weekend, but I went down to Battle of Hastings annual recreation on the actual site of the original battle yesterday. It was lovely -- beautiful weather, fun and frolic, all the iconic moments re-enacted before my very eyes.

I took tons of pictures which I will be using to teach my little year 7s about the battle this year.
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I have had a short-notice observation get scheduled for Wednesday with one of the Assistant Deputy Heads of our school. Not totally short-notice, as I knew he was due to come in sometime this week or next, but I was aiming for next week with my very lovely year 10s and he can't make it to that, so we're doing it Wednesday, last period of the day, with my enormously fractious year 9s.

Add to that the fact that there's book monitoring (where you hand in a selection of books to show you are marking correctly), History Society (which I am completely not planned for), Latin (which it is my responsibility to plan for this week), and the fact that I am very behind in marking the GCSE coursework paragraphs my two year 10 groups are handing in to me, and I am feeling just a teensy weensy bit overwhelmed.

Please for can it be October half-term break now? I need a week just to catch up on my marking.

Also, a cold is eating my brainpower, leaving me sniffly and slow on the uptake.
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No, like, for serious.

Were did my summer break go??!!

I'm back at school tomorrow, with students arriving the day after. New challenges and opportunities this year are both exciting and terrifying. Oh, yeah, and all my damn Canadian friends who moved here at the same time as me have moved back to Canada. Curse their hides!

Still, it's been a kicker of a holiday -- including camping, roadtrips throughout Canada and the US, a bit of work, a whole lot of reading, and general relaxation. All told, an excellent time was had by all.

But, no, really. Were did my summer break go??!!
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This weekend has been brilliant. Why? Because I've done not much of anything.

Life over the past three weeks has been manic to say the least.

Three weeks ago today, I was in Poland. A day later, I was in Germany. I was chaperoning a school trip of year 10 and 11s, focusing on WWII sites. We saw the Jewish quarter of Krakow, Auschwitz, and the conference centre in Berlin where the "final solution to the Jewish question" was arrived at over an hour and a half by a bunch of Nazis glugging cognac who adjourned the meeting early for the lovely buffet lunch that was being put on. This was a decision that led to the death of millions, and it was settled by a load of half-cut assholes in little to no time. The whole trip was brilliant, but exhausting, both mentally and physically.

A week ago Friday, I was in Cameroon, Africa. I had an 18 hour turnaround from Berlin to Buea, Cameroon. I had been there for ten days with my father, who was there on business. I was there for a laugh. We had been in the airport for seven hours, when we were informed our flight had been cancelled and we wouldn't be flying out until Sunday late at night. It took a great deal of yelling and flapping my arms and looking distressed, with a dash of lying thrown in, to convince the Air France people (who I will never be flying with again if I can avoid it) to switch Dad and I to a flight that got us back to the UK late afternoon Sunday. Cameroon was amazing and exhausting in equal measure. As was the case with Kenya two and a half years ago, the culture clash made me feel as though my skin had been stripped off and I was wandering around stripped down to my bare bones. But the emphasis is on the amazing.

Over the last week, I taught ever damn day, even though I had had zero time to prepare and catch up. I was 24 hours from Cameroon to the classroom as of Monday morning.

And this weekend? Little enough work, lots of lounging on the couch, seeing friends, doing laundry, napping, and otherwise actually catching up with life. There's been sunshine and relaxation and, generally, life has been great over the last two days.

Mind you, I've marked all of 6 books of the 30 I brought home, did very little lesson planning, and am otherwise getting behind professionally. But, still. The mental break was desperately needed this weekend.
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Whyyyy, whyyyyyyyyy, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??!!!!

Just had my second parents evening in the last two weeks. Another one next week. Normally they space these out a little more!

I've come home, fourteen hours after leaving it, with a raw voice and the kind of headache that makes the world spin in front of your eyes.

Yes, your child is fine.

Yes, your child is fine.

Yes, your child is fine.

No, your child is not fine, let's talk about how he/she can improve.

Yes, your child is fine.


In other news, next Thursday leaving on a school trip to Germany/Poland, and the Wednesday after that leaving for Cameroon with my father. Looking forward to the Easter holidays liek woah.
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BF and I went to France during the half-term break, where we both picked up a wicked flu bug that I am only just starting to get over. It might have helped if I had admitted to still being sick and staying home from work a day or two to recover, but that would be far too sensible and rational, so I have continued to drag myself in.

In other news, I have reports due for my Year 8 students on Friday, not to mention the fact that I am a Year 8 Form Tutor and will be responsible for editing the subject reports of my form kids the week after. At about 10 subject reports for each of the 30 kids in my form, that's about 300 individual pieces of paper.

My only consolation is that this is the biggest round of reports that I have to do this year. Once I get through this, it's clear sailing through to summer.

As well, my massive order of Russian mysteries and trashy romances arrived from Amazon this morning. As soon as I get two classes worth of reports done, I am going to reward myself with an hour on the couch with a book and a cup of tea.
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After a BRILLIANT holiday, I am back to work today. It is a real shock to the system. I had to get up and get dressed in teacher kit and pack a lunch and everything.

What are the odds that the kids are going to forget to come in today?

No, wait, I think I phrased that incorrectly. What are the odds of parents forgetting today is the day they get to kick the kids out of the house and probably have a day or so to themselves before going back to work?

Fairly low, I'd guess.

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How is it that, although I remember working my little tail off since September, I don't seem to have done my job at all? I have missing data, unmarked books, unplanned lessons, and not enough hours in the day.

It is 10:00 and am still working.

OFSTED sucks. I hope they all get coal in their stockings this Christmas.
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We're being OFSTEDed. On Wednesday. Three days before we break up for Christmas holidays.

THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SHOW MOVIES AND COLOUR WEEK, DAMN IT. Now I have to not only teach, but do so to a high standard. Hells.

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Laptop still FUBAR, but have a lead on a good repair place from the every lovely, ever wonderful [ profile] lazlet, so there is hope.

In a similar vein, work continues apace. I seem to have signed up for a ridiculous amount of it this year (volunteering to teach afterschool classes in Latin, representing my department on school committees, writing big chunks of our new schemes of work, and going for new qualifications all in one go), but I haven't dropped any of the balls I'm juggling yet, so I am encouraged.

As well, have moved in with BF. All very exciting. Still trying to figure out how to jam my stuff into the rather small nooks and crannies of his place. But it is, so far, going well. We are going to a Halloween party tonight -- as Mario and Luigi. It is excellent. We have overalls and caps and we have been dipping mushrooms into red and greeb food dye to make little Super Mushrooms and 1-Up Mushrooms.

In other news -- I have spent ages trying to figure out how to buy Danny Michel's new(ish) album from the UK and I can't! Nobody will sell it over here, not even on the internets! I want Coming Home, blast it all.

Am going to go make pumpkin soup to console myself for my lack of Danny Michel.


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