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I have gotten to the point where I haven't posted in long enough that now I'm not posting because I am overwhelmed at the thought of trying to update adequately.

I have therefore decided to do my best to collapse the last month or so into a point-form list.

the list )

On that note, dinner is on the table and I am off. Will certainly make an effort to update more frequently. And in better prose, more detail, and proper grammar.
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My family is wandering around going, "It's so hot! It's so humid! 38°C with the humidity! We're going to die!"

And, really, I don't find it so bad. Sure, it's hot, but it's not anywhere near unbearable. I have yet to resort to shorts -- I'm holding the line at lightweight capris while my sister is wandering around in boxer shorts and her swimsuit top and my father is wearing his worn-thin Tilley shorts, which amount to nothing more than boxer shorts, really, and has given up on tops entirely. My mother got up at the crack of dawn to get everything done before the heat of the day and tried, unsuccessfully, I might add, to get me up so that I might do the same.

I was wondering what was wrong with me that I really don't find it so bad.

Then, I remembered.

Oh, yeah. Right!
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My goodness, the nostalgia -- this time last year, I was going mad with the heat of an Ottawa summer and trying to finish my thesis. I'd work all day, then hustle on over to [ profile] mcee's to watch the Tour. I didn't have cable and it was more fun to watch with [ profile] mcee, anyway.

Then I'd go home (or not) and collapse face first into unconsciousness.

Next day: repeat.


(PS: Weekend at the cottage good. Washed the plane, set off fireworks, slept in the sun. All very nice.)
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Do you know what? I love love love summer. This was not always the case -- I used to love fall. I still do, really. There's nothing quite like crisp air and leaves turning and the kind of new beginnings that only those all caught up in the cycle of the school year associate with autumn.

On the other hand, there's nothing quite like hot days and sweat-slick skin and riding my bike with the sun strong on my arms and just-below-room-temperature showers and cold, cold lake and cold, cold beer and sleeping in a tank top and boxer shorts with a fan oscillating next to your bed, either.


I love summer.

I am now qualified to be a high school teacher and I am finished school after seventeen-odd years straight of it, the last three without summer breaks, although I may be thinking about upgrading my qualifications again by getting enough university math credits for a math teachable, which I am only two courses shy of, and which is much more saleable than history and english, which is what I currently have. I have therefore been looking at math courses offered at the university this summer.

(it's not an addiction. i don't know what you're talking about. i can quit school whenever i want to. i just don't want to yet. besides, it's looking like there aren't any such courses being offered, stupid university.)

In other news, I have two interviews coming up in the next two weeks for high school teaching positions in the UK. I am very excited. I am currently working on getting my resume and portfolio up to date and on researching the two schools so that I may impress their respective headmasters with my knowledge when I meet with them in Toronto.

Also very exciting is the article that came out in this month's Professionally Speaking, which is the Ontario teacher's professional magazine. It is on the trip to Kenya. I am not mentioned by name, but they used one of my lessons as an example in there -- only they made it sound like everyone was doing what my teaching partner and I did. They are liars. If you are interested in reading a magazine article written by a liar, see here. Extra points to those of you who can spot the two pictures of me. It's not easy. In one, I have my back to the camera. In another, I am half-hidden and tiny. To further confuse the matter, my sister, who bears quite a startling resemblance to me, is in both pictures as well.

Extra extra points for those of you who find me in the pictures without ever having met me in real life!

Graduation is June 8th. My grandmother is flying out to see it. Today my mother took me shopping for a grad dress (I am, omg, sixteenish). I got a very pretty one -- lightweight white cotton with puffy little sleeves, an empire waistline, and an a-line skirt. There will be pictures, of that you may be sure.

My family went to the cabin this weekend, which was very nice. On the way back, I was looking out the car window at the scenery as it past, only to see, painted bright red on the ancient rocks of the Canadian Shield:


I wish I'd had my camera.
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I finished the tomorrow's homework in today's class. This leaves me with nothing to do tonight but lounge on the deck and basking in the sun, which activity I am currently enjoying utterly. The wireless, by fortuitous happenstance, broadcasts as far as the deck. Never mind that I can only pick up the signal half the time in my bedroom -- I would so much rather have it out here.

Decadence, I tell you what.

In other news, I accomplished a great number of things yesterday and today that I will itemise for you at a time when I am feeling less slothful. For now, am going to get back to work on making a decent summer music mix and reading The Poetry of the Universe, which I am enjoying immensely.
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I am burnt to a crisp, all down the back of my shoulders and upper arms. My forearms, which were already tanned, just tanned...more. It's a funny tan, though, because I was wearing my cycling gloves, so the backs of my hands and wrists are much lighter.

I will, due to the burn, have to sleep on my stomach tonight. Which I hate doing. Because I don't sleep.

This is all a lead up to say: still no word.

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Note to self:

33°C (91°F) that feels like 42°C (108°F) with the humidity + (very direct sun - sunscreen) + 3 odd hour bike ride = not the best idea I ever had

On the other hand, I have completely earned a popcicle or ice cream of some kind. Which I will go out and buy later. Much later. When I get my legs working again. And my head.

In other news, the cycling pants I bought myself as part of yesterday's impulse shopping spree work great. Loose enough not to be embarassing, tight enough not to catch the wind, stretchy enough to be comfortable, and short enough to avoid getting caught in my bike chain.

(additional note to self: make cycling icon.)
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Resorting to plan A. Back to Chapters. Every time I sit down to work in this heat, I fall asleep.

I'm a Canadian of Icelandic, British, and Scottish decent. There is no part of my genetic makeup that has prepared me for this kind of weather.
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It's too hot for coffee. What kind of evil weather is this?
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The past couple of days have proven nothing so much as that it is far, far, far too hot to get any work done in my apartment. I am, therefore, taking advantage of Chapters' new open at 8am every day of the week omg please don't notice we close at 10pm hours and going to work in the air conditioned comfort of their big, slouchy armchairs. As an added bonus, the armchairs come with a Starbucks located conveniently close to hand. Also located conveniently close to hand will be [ profile] mcee, who agrees with me that the weather is unbearable and that Chapters deserves to have their ac blatantly stolen because 10pm is at least an hour too early to close.


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