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Dear Saturday,

BBC Weather assures me that you are supposed to be sunny and lovely. My window tells me that you are, in fact, grey and kind of unpleasant looking.

Today is the day that I will not be trapped in a tiny room with even tinier lunatics. I had hoped instead to sit in the park with massive Peppermint Latte from Starbucks, my MP3 player, and H.P. Lovecraft, sucking up sharp spring sunshine. I would rather not be forced to fall back on my plan B, which includes indoors, indoors, and more indoors.

I am tired of indoors. I need vitamin D. It is essential to the development of strong bones, not to mention a healthy immune system.

Please shape up.

Yours most sincerely,
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Every morning at 5:50am, someone gets into the car parked beneath my window, starts it up, and drives away. And every single morning at 5:50 am, this wakes me up.

Sometimes I can get back to sleep. Usually I can't.

Today I don't mind so much, however, as when I woke up the sky was already light and the air coming in through my open windows is a lovely crisp temperature that promises to warm up nicely as the day progresses. It is supposed to be sunny and gorgeous today and although I am sad that I will be spending the day trapped inside a small box with tiny raving lunatics, I do believe the promise of continued sun this afternoon when I finally get out will carry me through.

I am bound and determined to make it out of the school before 4:00. That is still a full hour after the children leave and I refuse to feel like I'm leaving early just because I am leaving earlier than I usually do. Besides, this will make up for not making it out until 8:00 last night.

In the meantime...COFFEE.
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Things that make me happy:

1) Our Very Important Visitor has come and gone successfully from the school and the stress of that is over and done with. Next week I am going to leave the school before 5:00 every single day. That is my goal. I need to in order to balance out last week, when I didn't leave the school before 6:00 Monday through Thursday, and actually stayed until 7:30 three times.

2) The really very nice evening out with members of my department in order to celebrate the success of the Very Important Visitor's visit on Friday. Said night out culminated with a massive geek exchange between my Head of Department and myself where we traded movies and music and comic books and made plans to continue on in this vein.

3) Had an incredibly zenful (if slightly hungover) morning yesterday.

4) I spent a couple of hours cleaning my room and, while I still have piles of clutter place that I would like to sort out later this afternoon, I have restored order and tidiness to my living space, which has existed in a state of chaos for rather too long. I things to be tidy. It gives me joy.

5) The weather is gorgeous.

6) My plans for this afternoon, which involve me packing up my marking and taking it, with a bit of lunch, across the street to sit out in the park with. I think the marking will be that much more bearable for it's taking place outside in the sunshine. I will also be bringing one of the books that I was given in the geek exchange as a reward for myself if I get my marking done quickly.

7) There seems to be a new and hopefully permanent hot-spot...AT THE HEAD OF MY BED. This is a gift from the universe to me, I can only assume due to my general all around loveliness.

Things that make me less happy:

1) I tried to get a new moblie phone with a proper calling plan for Canada. This effort, which was trundling along quite well, failed. I didn't really understand the explination, but it went something to the effect that the way my bank lists my address is completely divorced from how Royal Mail lists my address and so my credit check for the phone company won't go through because they don't think I live in England. This is deeply annoying. Particularly so as I have fallen a little in love with the phone I was going to get and they have cruelly wrenched it from my grasp. Am going to try and fix this for next week.

That said, I am outdoors bound!
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Ah, signs of spring. This morning I bared my winter-pale legs for the first time since probably August, rode my bike to school for the first time since the snow hit last fall, and spotted my first dark underwear under white pants and my first above-the-waistband-below-the-crop-top thong band.

They were walking together along the path I ride on to get to campus.

oh my eyes.

In other news, this morning's bike ride certainly made clear how appallingly out of shape I let myself get this winter. The path to school is nothing -- no rough terrain, minimal incline. Even if I did ride hell bent for leather on the way in, trying to get there on time after waking up late, I shouldn't have arrived feeling like I was breathing broken glass in the place of air. I certainly shouldn't now feel like I've got limp noodles in the place of legs. While I've never been lean and mean and at the height of physical conditioning, this is just pathetic. The knee injury in January didn't help things, but I could have pushed myself a little harder to get over it, too.

I'm going to do better. It shouldn't be too hard, now that the weather's turned nice. I can as easily spend less of my off-thesis time at the gym or outside as I do lolling on the couch or cruising the internet. I want my England ass back, the one I got after spending a month walking everywhere. I miss it. It was downright shapely.


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