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Monday morning

5 1/3 hours of sleep.

Not enough work done over the weekend.

3 episodes of The Long Way Around and 28 Weeks Later watched.

Many video games played.


Hello, week! I am not ready for you today! Please feel free to go away and come back tomorrow, yes.
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One of my favourite things is lying in bed under a big duvet while it is cold and wet and miserable outside.

Which is what I am doing now.

I'll get up in a bit, but I'm not in a rush. I woke up at 5:30 (again!) and have been lingering for three hours so far. I anticipate another good hour before the thought of coffee hoists me finally out of bed.
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Oh, Christ. I am shattered, knackered, and kicked in the head tired. What made me thing that a second Wednesday theatre trip would be a good idea? Why did I not remember that Thursdays are my worse day? Why did I think that 6:30 a.m. might come a little bit later this morning than it has otherwise shown an inclination to do?

In other news, Wicked is awesome and much fun was had.
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Weird dreams caused me to startle awake twenty minutes before my alarm. I am not impressed.

As well, a combination of the aforementioned weird dreams and the fact that the lovely weather seems to have gone away have killed the YAY-HAPPY mood I have been in for the last several days. I am now very grumpy instead.

Woe to children. I will eat their faces if the so much as think about stepping out of line today.
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Morning two and the hot spot at the head of my bed remains distinctly warm.

You know what this means...


I did sleep very badly. I remember the following times occurring: 12:06, 2:44, and 4:17. On the last I got up to go to the bathroom. Now it is 6:43 and I must wrench myself from bed to go get showered and dressed and things.

Also, there is coffee, but it is in dry ground form in a tin in the kitchen. I swear, the only reason I get out of bed. People have suggested to me that I get a small coffee pot to keep in my room, but I would never get out of bed then!
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That is all.
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Dear self,


No, for serious. You're playing chauffer to your sister at unfair o'clock tomorrow morning, not to mention the fact that you always wake up early for the Tour anyway. And your parents are coming home from the cabin, so you need to spend some time tomorrow morning bringing all your packing detritus, which has spilled into the hallway, back into your bedroom.

Be sensible, please. Go to bed now.

Yours with love,
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Last night, I dreamed that someone stole my bike. I was devestated. When I woke up, I went to give my bike a reassuring hug.

Then I went on my first bike ride since The Incident.

It was 11 minutes and 46 seconds long, which is 1 minute and 46 seconds longer than my physiotherapist cleared me for, but honestly. I'm pretty sore now, sure, but it was totally worth it. Tomorrow: 12 minutes!

Packing continues apace (which is to say, very slowly). It is beginning to sink in that a month from now, I will be moving to England. This realisation is accompanied by a lovely warm glow that spreads out from my belly button region.

It is also beginning to sink in that six weeks from now, I will be walking into my own classroom full of my own students. This realisation is accompanied by a general feeling of cold terror.


To do today:

- pay off my laptop up at the university
- mail the final documentation missing from my file at the Ontario College of Teachers in order to become a fully registered teacher
- mail my signed contract off to the folks in England ha ha, it's TOO LATE to go back, you've HIRED ME FOR REAL!!1!
- continue to sort and pack belongings
- go to physiotherapy
- feel lost and adrift when there is no Tour to watch tonight (stupid rest day)
- mope
- pack some more
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Nng omg. Two and a half hours of sleep before the dogs woke me up to be let out.

*face mashes the coffee*

Driving my sister to a job interview at the Gap, then a doctor's appointment to finally find out what is wrong with my back (gee, whiz, it's about time), then Pirates II.

Which, you know, I'll be lucky if I don't fall asleep during, swashbuckle or no.
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You know that point when you're really, really tired and you can feel yourself nodding off, but rather than falling asleep you, for whatever reason,1 force yourself to stay awake?

And you know how, then, after you've forced yourself to push through that crucial point, you just can't get to sleep for love or money and you lie awake and think about all the things you are doing tomorrow that are going to be just so much less fun because you haven't slept and about how you really, really, really wish you could fall asleep and then you give up lying in the dark waiting to fall asleep, because it is so clearly not going to happen, and watch a bunch of Joe Flanigan movies and when they're all done, you're still not tired?

You know that, that whole thing there?

I hate that.

Just for the record.

1 For the sake of argument, let's say the reason is that your baby sister is out at a late movie and is being driven home by one of her punk-ass, way-too-young, omg-they,let-you-drive friends, who also happens to be a boy, and you remember teenage boys from when you where a teenager, and you just feel that the right thing to do is wait up until she gets in, because, really, you'd be too worried to fall asleep, anyway.
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I am sad to report that I am on one of my patented insomnia kicks. Last night, I couldn't get to sleep until 4:30am, which means that I fell asleep to the sound of bird song as the sun began to come up. I hate the feeling of seeing the sun come up from the wrong side.

To occupy myself during my sleepless hours, I overhauled my lj with a new header image and colour scheme. It makes me very happy, although I am already quite tempted to tweak.

As well, after about two years of not writing anything (er...thesis aside), I think I've started again. I have three stories on the go, one of which is almost done. I'll have to go over and tidy up the fic journal, just in case I actually follow through and post something.

Look at me, being all creative and stuff!

Grad is day after tomorrow. My dress is still pretty.
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Dear self,

You have to get up for school in four and a half hours.


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If you were good friends, you would be updating your journals at least as often as I have been this evening in an effort to entertain me through what is shaping up to be a long night of insomnia.
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So. The thing I bought at Starbucks yesterday afternoon was not so much the decaf they promised me (and, again, upon double checking, as I know what caffiene does to me so late in the day) it was.

And there was a point, somewhere around 2:00am, where I seriously contemplated taking up the occult just in order to get the phone number of the Starbucks employee who told me such filthy lies. I would have called them up and, in a very calm voice, explained to them that I have twenty-five eleven year olds waiting for me in a room today and I have to teach them poetry and gym and fractions and things and I needed my sleep, which was not so much something I got.

I am also very sick.

I would prefer death, but it looks like I will be going to work instead.
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It is 4:00am, I am awake and I have a jetlag hangover. Why is the aftermath of travel so unpleasant? I am continuing to unpack and put away today, but do not want to start doing so at this obscene hour of the morning on a Saturday.
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Good morning. I have had only 5.5 hours of sleep. Also, we broke our coffee pot yesterday and there is no coffee for me. Also, I have a presentation today.

Today's word of the day from is "tmesis" -- the seperation of parts of a compound word for either humour or effect. To wit: "abso-fucking-lutely" or "in two words -- im possible!"

Today's word of the day from OED is "toddle" -- to play or toy with, to walk with unsteady steps, to walk leasurely. Its origins are northern English and Scottish and first appeared in writing in the early 1500s.
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*sporfles coffee out my nose*

In other news, bitchcakes (to borrow a phrase), I can't seem to find my glasses. I fell asleep with them on out on the couch. When I woke up this morning in my bed (I don't understand how these things happen and mostly I've learned not to question), they were no where to be found.


eta: Found them! They were under the bed. Can't imagine why I didn't look there first, really. Such an obvious place!
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See this?


And now I have to go convince a bunch of grade sevens that writing new lyrics to the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" is a valuable exercise.

I am so tired, I may die. Alternatively, my grade sevens, sensing that my defenses are not all that they should be today, might eat me. If you never hear from me again, it's been lovely knowing all of you.
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Do you know what is really very nice? Freshly washed sheets.

Also very nice, toast.

*brushes crumbs off of freshly washed sheets*
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Dear self,

Go to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Do it now.

Tomorrow you play Ultimate Frisbee and have art and things.


Much love as always,


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