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I promise that there will be a more comprehensive and comprehensible review of my graduation, including pictures, forthcoming. I do.

In the mean time, I would just like to say that this has been an unbelievably fantastic day. This tops my first graduation (never mind the last graduation, which I skipped) without a doubt.

My father, for the uninformed, is the Dean of my Education program, which is to say that he is the man who shakes the hand of all the people graduating. Tradition has it that the Associate Dean hoods you. Tradition also has it that family who are faculty at the university are entitled to hood graduatuates. My mother, for the similarly uninformed, is faculty at the university.


My father shook my hand and my mother hooded me. The entire audience, many of whom where a) my classmates, b) my classmates' families, c) my mother's students, or d) aware that my father is who he is, gave a collective "aww" when the three of us came together on stage. My father looked at me and told me how proud he was of me and how special a moment it was. He was trying not to cry, and so was I, and we were both damp around the edges. My mother's hands were the ones that took the hood from my forearm and placed it over my head, adjusting it just so on my shoulders. My grandmother, who wanted desperately to attend my B.A. graduation but was too sick to fly out, was in the audience. And, finally, my beloved little sister was front and center, looking so grown up I almost cried at just the sight of her, taking pictures.

I am so happy right now, I don't quite know what to do with myself. I am overcome.
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Hi, yes, graduation. I suppose I should get dressed now.
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Dear self,

You have to get up for school in four and a half hours.


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In fine, long-standing, and common Mother's Day tradition, I expressed my love and gratitude for all that my mother is and does by stuffing her to the gills with good food. Greek, this year. Usually my sister and I take her out for brunch, but said sister is currently enrolled in Driver's Ed classes that run all day Saturday and Sunday, so brunch was out.

A semi-pleasant side effect of stuffing my mother full of good food is that I find myself similarly stuffed. exciting....wait for it..........back to my homework! Whee.
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I am sick, sick, SICK, SICK of homework.

That said, back to it. Lots of things due tomorrow.
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Field trip!

We're heading up to Science North today. I think the theory is that we're going to explore one of the wonderful nearly-local teaching resources that we may make use of to teach next year.

In reality, we're going to play with the science stuff.

And as qualified teachers (with ID cards and everything), we get in for free!

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So, my morning class cancelled in favour of a seminar held tonight from 5:30-8:00.

I went for two separate and distinct bike rides. It was awesome. Then my friend from my section, who came with me on the second bike ride, and my other friend from my section made me chocolate chip pancakes for lunch. Which was even awesomer.

Then I got an email declaring my afternoon class a "work period", to be attended or not as you will. I came, because I had nothing better to do, so why not? Besides, there was no way I was getting any work done if I didn't come in to the class and sit here with nothing else to do.

Only, as it turns out, I haven't gotten much work done at school, either.

I should have stayed home and watched the Space Channel and eaten cereal.

Hi, aren't you glad I updated you about my day? I know you are.
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Riding hard then sitting cross-legged on your bed for ages working on homework?

Leads to (ow ow ow motherfucker ow) stiffness.

Mental note.
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I dreamed I was stressed out and working on schoolwork.

I feel so cheated. Even my subconscious is against my having a break.

To do today:
    - shower (now)
    - finish assignment that is due this afternoon
    - finish assignment due tomorrow
    - ride home from school no matter what seemingly semi-catastrophic circumstances arise over the course of the day, damn it
    - watch TV before bed so as to not have a repeat of last night's suxor dreams

(oh, coffee, hi, coffee, i love you, yes i do)
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I feel like I've worked all weekend, but somehow got absolutely nowhere. I really, honestly worked. I worked on assignments and essays and things so hard that I haven't even had time to go for a bike ride all weekend and I'm still not finished anything.

Not even the thing due tomorrow.

This is highly distressing.

I am going to bed.
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Today at lunch, I got up, took a step, tripped over my feet, did five slow motion flaily steps, then crashed down with a bit of a bounce off my hip. I have scratches on the palms of both hands and on one of my ankles.

Of course, I did this in front of about forty people.

But the nice thing about not being in high school and not being a teenager any more is this: I thought it was funny, too. Except for the pain bits. And the bits where my hands are scratched right where I rest my weight when I ride my bike, which is annoying.

No classes tomorrow -- yay! I have, instead, signed up to go to a lesson writing summit where a bunch of us are piling into a room to write lesson plans for the Toronto Star. I'm looking forward to it. We get free pizza.
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I finished the tomorrow's homework in today's class. This leaves me with nothing to do tonight but lounge on the deck and basking in the sun, which activity I am currently enjoying utterly. The wireless, by fortuitous happenstance, broadcasts as far as the deck. Never mind that I can only pick up the signal half the time in my bedroom -- I would so much rather have it out here.

Decadence, I tell you what.

In other news, I accomplished a great number of things yesterday and today that I will itemise for you at a time when I am feeling less slothful. For now, am going to get back to work on making a decent summer music mix and reading The Poetry of the Universe, which I am enjoying immensely.
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It is a vaguely alienating experience to be facing a day of classes in which I will be doing no teaching what so ever. I tell you, I'm going to get lost on my way to my seat at the back of the room. The professor is going to come in and find me loitering at the front of the room looking disoriented.

"Back there," he'll say. "There's a nice empty seat right near the door. Remember -- student now, not teacher. Please adjust accordingly."

My father suggests that finishing one degree on Friday (technically Thursday, but I refused to leave and no one came to kick me out of the school, so that was that) and starting classes on the next set of qualifications on Monday may be a sign of some sort of mental illness. At the very least, he feels, it must be a sign of an unhealthy addiction to the education experience.

Being home is nice, but I already miss my kids and Ottawa and [ profile] mcee. Also, last night I dropped a closet door on my guitar and cracked the top, which makes me very, very, very unhappy. I do not know if it can be fixed, but I'm hoping.

On a brighter note -- my Mom brought me coffee in bed to wake me up. And Mr. Tim isn't even ignoring me in a snit the way he usually does after long abscences. When I walked through the door last night, he came right over and cuddled my ankles until I picked him up.

Right. Shower now.

[ profile] ink_stain! The package arrived right before I left Ottawa -- omg THANK YOU! I love it all. I am taking my new travel mug (the blue one, because blue is my favourite colour) to school today. It is appropriately summery as compared to my equally lovely travel mug that [ profile] mcee gave me for Christmas, which is a much darker and distinctly wintery blue-brushed metal. You are the rockingnest! :D
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I am, once again, declared a fantastic teacher. Go me!

To celebrate, I am going for my first bike ride of the season.

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Oh, my. Faculty Advisor evaluation day.

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Things that I love:
  • [ profile] mcee
  • Ottawa
  • reading porn working on my special education in Kenya essay at the coffeeshop
  • my bike
  • being done exams
  • teaching
  • planning weekend roadtrips

It is so very, very, very good to be home.
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Two exams down, one to go.

I am currently trying to overcome the elation at having not-failed this afternoon's exam, which I rather suspected was going to be the case. Unfortunately, I think a lot of my classmates failed it. I, on the other hand, came out feeling really quite good about it all. I have reduced the entirity of special education to a series of mathematical equations. Like this:

The Legal Categories of Exceptionalities = 5 (5 + 3 + 2)
Sections of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) = 7
Steps Towards Implimenting Classroom Accomodations = 4

This means that the identification of a student's particular exceptionality looks something like this:

(5 (5 + 3 + 2) - y) + (7 - 1) + 4 = x

Where y is the legal categories and subcategories of exceptionality minus all the exceptionalities that the student does not have and x is student success, which has no number value what so ever but is rather measured in progress from the start to end point in the school year and is calculated based on specific student needs.

Not bad for a history major, until you realise that the math is absolutely not functional and all the numbers represent teaching strategies and legal processes rather than actual mathy things. For example, there are not fifty categories and subcategories of exceptionality, as my formula would suggest, but rather fifteen. So the more accurate mathematical representation would be (5 + 5 + 3 + 2). Unfortunately, that fails to distinguish between the five categories and ten subcategories, which I needed to know. Thus the mathematically inacurate 5 (5 + 3 + 2).

All that aside, the REASON I am trying to overcome my post-exam elation is the fact that I DO have another exam tomorrow and have yet to start studying for it. If I do not start in the relatively near future, I will have to face tomorrow with absolutely no mathematical equations and little chance of passing.

Must. Not. Revel. In. Accomplishments.

(I have wine. It is good. The fruity undertones go well with lamb and studying educational law.)
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Ha ha ha.


oh, hell.
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I am stupid tired and still have an entire essay left to write tonight on the Kenyan special education situation.

My day started out really well and went utterly fubar half way through. Am sorting it out and finally getting down to work, but I would like my mother to come home now because she is my mother and will make everything all better.
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The presentation that caused me such angst this weekend is done and went well. I was told, in confidence, by one of my classmates that the leadership in the group (being me) was very evident to everyone watching the presentation, which almost maks up for all the fighting I had to do over it.

In other news, we gave a presentation tonight to the university community on the experience of going to Kenya. There was a little movie that one of our number made, followed by a series of speakers addressing the major issues that arose while a series of pictures flashed behind. Myself and another girl talked about the drought and the impact of the drought on education. It went really well. I'm really happy with my contribution, which is a good feeling.

This brings me to another point of order. I have been working on a website of my Kenya pictures. Right now it consists of my pictures and those of a couple of other people on the trip, each with a caption, which must be gone through in sequential order due to the structure of the site itself. I am hoping to get an alternative browsing mechanism in place (namely, linking pictures to a calendar so that you can go to a specific day's images if you so desire). I also just got two DVDs with the pictures and videos of everyone on the trip and hope to get a bunch more pictures from there to put up, as well.

So, the question becomes do I:

a) upload what I have now and add the other elements as I finish them, or
b) wait another week or two until I can upload a completely finished site?

Please advise.

As well, many, many thanks to [ profile] ink_stain who has kindly offered to host my web gallery at!


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