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I will be making shrimp etoufee for dinner tonight. I feel like actually cooking for a change, which is not a feeling I've had often lately.

I used to really like cooking, before I moved out of Ottawa a couple of years back. Having your own kitchen makes a difference, I think. Last year I was tripping over my mother in her kitchen and here I share a kitchen with eight other people, six of whom I dislike, one of whom I dislike intensely, and one who is lovely. As a result, I tend to make things that are easy and fast and can be taken back to my room to be eaten in peace.

But, tonight? Shrimp etoufee. A huge batch of it, because my general opinion is that if a thing is worth doing, it's worth overdoing. Half-assing it is for losers -- go whole-ass or go home!

Mm, dinner. So exciting!
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Oh, Ottawa. You hold my heart.

And I'm not just saying that because of the good steak and half a pitcher of good beer in my belly and the BFF wrapped bodily around me lecturing her cat in the background.

oh, the magic is gone.
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Last morning in Ottawa and am off to my last Elgin breakfast for quite some time to come. One of the many and much beloved Johns in my life will be there -- the John-Formerly-Known-As-Dane (we did not know his name, so we called him Dane, which suits him).

Oh, Ottawa.

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Sunday night?! Where did my weekend go?1

1 Highlander for dinner Friday, then hanging out at Chapters, Elgin Street Diner for breakfast Saturday morning, seven hours at the Bridgehead Coffeeshop making a science unit on electricity and overhauling my entire icon collection, Tucker's Marketplace for dinner, Chapters to hang out and finish the last essay of my Bachelor of Education, Elgin Street Diner for breakfast, Bridgehead for an hour to email my last essay in to the prof, grocery shopping, back home to plan Math for the week and prep all my lessons for tomorrow, Grey's Anatomy and now Cold Case on T.V.

That is where my weekend went.
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Things that I love:
  • [ profile] mcee
  • Ottawa
  • reading porn working on my special education in Kenya essay at the coffeeshop
  • my bike
  • being done exams
  • teaching
  • planning weekend roadtrips

It is so very, very, very good to be home.
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I just had an encounter in the Ottawa Chapters with a guy who was screaming racist rhetoric across the seating area.  Apparently a black gentleman across the room accidentally looked up and made eyecontact with this total stranger guy who was sitting at the next table over from me.  The guy went bugfuck and started yelling things like "Quit looking at me, Monkey boy" and "Go back to the Congo, motherfucker".

I looked up in shock and accidentally caught his eye also, and next thing I know, he's yelling at me to "Keep my slanty eyes to myself" and called me a "limey bitch".

I am utterly nonplussed, and not just because he seemed to imply both that I was objectionably of Asian ancestry (see: 'slanty eyes') and of British ancestry (see: 'limey bitch').  I really am of ridiculously British decent, but that is rarely a fact that is objecte to by raging racists.  I am largely nonplussed because things like this just don't happen in Ottawa, usually.  At least not those parts of Ottawa with which I am familiar.

It was so surreal.  And bizarre.  And objectionable.  And offensive.  And where were the security guys that usually lounge in that seating area like it's their home away from home?!

*vague helpless hand flapping*
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I am officially no longer a resident of Ottawa. I don't think it's sunk in yet. Maybe by morning.

Good night, darlings.



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