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GIP -- my dead historical boyfriend! It's an actual photograph. I was suspicious at first given that Wellington died in 1852 and I thought that might be too early for photography, but it had been invented, so I am increasingly inclined to trust the caption that came with the picture.

I ::heart:: my dead historical boyfriend. His wife didn't understand him the way I do.

In other news, have survived my first week. Just barely. I feel as though I'm beginning to get the hang of things, a little, although that might be wishful thinking brought about by a day's distance.

Today, I spent a very restful and enjoyable time with [ profile] the_oscar_cat and [ profile] lazlet at the latter's house, watching a variety of pretty boys doing a variety of interesting things, including but not limited to: killing demons, riding bikes, getting head injuries and travelling back in time, and being smart. Fantastic.

Tomorrow, I am committed to giving the Frequently Lost British Historian's Walking Tour of London to a friend of mine from Canada who also got a teaching job in London. Lots of fun.
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So. Hi. Eight days.

I am told that I will not be able to get internet in at my place of residence. I have also heard, on the sly, from people who were staying there in February that there is someone in the area that has WiFi and that internet may be bootlegged so long as you are willing to spend all your time balancing your computer on the window sill.

Which, of course, I am, particularly as the other option is an internet cafe that is many blocks away.

I am not sure how well I will manage with possibly very limited internet access. What will I do without email? LJ? Fandom? Porn? Unlimited information on every single topic in existance right at my fingertips? Did I mention porn?

Other points of concern to occur to me as the date of my flight out looms ever nearer:

- I am a creature of extremely predictable nutritional habits. I've had Bran Flakes for breakfast almost every single day for years. I always buy exactly the same kind of jam and peanut butter and coffee. I have one thing at every restaurant I go to regularly that I always, always order. I am going to have to get all new regular things when I move to England. This is a daunting task. I am not sure I am equal to it.
- I do not have slippers. I need slippers. It's England. It's damp there. My feet will get cold.
- What if I am a terrible teacher? I'm not -- I am, in fact, a very good teacher. I have the evaluations and glowing letters of recommendation to prove it. But they are, perhaps, wrong. What if I screw up the lives of all the children I come into contact with? I believe I would feel bad about that.
- London is VERY BIG. On the other hand, Stead once lived there. As did Wellington. I'm sure I'll manage.
- I will have to learn how to ride my bike on the other side of the road. I am bound to get confused. I must see if I can find a handbook of some sort to guide me through this transition.
- What if I forget something very important?

That is all I have to say about that.
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Last night I dreamed I moved into Apsley House. [ profile] lazlet and [ profile] blythely came over while I was unpacking and trying to figure out where to put my things so that they wouldn't disrupt the careful museum displays. We had coffee at the table around which the Waterloo Banquets were held.

I was rather disappointed to wake up in my very own apartment, nice though it is.

And I am a huge geek.

In other news, GAH, morning, coffee, face, nnnasgkn.
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Dear horoscope,

I do not need to pay your subscription fee in order to know more about the coming month. I know all about what May will be, and, contrary to your predictions, it will not be "full of FIRE and SURPRISES!"

May will be a continuation of April. The huge black circles beneath my eyes will continue their slow spread up and around to my eyelids. I will continue to be incapable of having normal, non-thesis related conversations. I will continue to think that the appropriate answer to "how are you" is an hour long ramble on the historiography of child prostitution in Victorian London or the British government's policy towards Egypt in the mid-1850s. I will continue to have strange dreams about England and/or Stead and/or academia. I will probably continue to lose weight, as I seem to have found the one thing in life that puts off my appetite. Depression makes me hungry, stress makes me hungry, happiness makes me hungry. My thesis makes me forget that I even have a stomach.

(This all sounds like I'm in quite a terrible state, but, honestly, this is the happiest I've been in about two years. Turns out I do like graduate work, after all. When you get past all the course work bits and the applying for grants and for future graduate work bits, the part that's left is perhaps the best thing ever.)

I do believe I will also pass on your kind offer to tell me more about the "unexpected twist" in my love life that will be coming along soon. I have no love life. The current loves of my life have been dead for 150-odd and 100-odd years, respectively. There is no unexpected twists in the making there.

I appreciate the thought, though.

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