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Trust me when I say that you all wish I was your big sister. Why? Because I'm weak, that's why.

I have somehow just agreed to drive my sister forty-five minutes out to the other end of town and our only movie theater in order to meet up with her friends for the late movie at 9:00pm.

Obviously, given the distance, going home then back to pick her up is out. So, the question becomes: do I go to Monster House at 9:40pm or Clerks II at 10:00pm?

The former looks cute, although I can't say I have any real desire to see it. The latter I wouldn't mind seeing, but it gets in (and therefore out) a full hour later than my sister's movie.

LJ, I look to you for guidance. Help!
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Nng omg. Two and a half hours of sleep before the dogs woke me up to be let out.

*face mashes the coffee*

Driving my sister to a job interview at the Gap, then a doctor's appointment to finally find out what is wrong with my back (gee, whiz, it's about time), then Pirates II.

Which, you know, I'll be lucky if I don't fall asleep during, swashbuckle or no.
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Last night, [ profile] mcee and I joined my family in what was essentially Christmas Dinner Redux -- one of my mother's friends came over and, given that we had two guests for dinner, my mother felt that was reason enough to roast chickens and make stuffing and candied yams and beets and things. As well, much wine was consumed.

After kitchen cleanup, [ profile] mcee and I retreated to my room where we gave our collective geek a good workout. We played internet for a while, then read up to "N" on the Wikipedia list of common latin phrases and their english translations. After that, we watched the Buffy musical episode.

Now there will be diner breakfast, King Kong, and laying in supplies for tonight. The supplies will consist of:
- wine
- bread
- cheese
- cake
- fresh ginger root
- movies

I wish everyone an enjoyable last day of 2005!
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Also, although I never realised it before just now, I think that Liam Neeson has always been the voice of Aslan in my head.

In other news, I have a gym presentation today. My partner and I are organising the class to play a simple game involving beanbags and hula hoops. Of course, because both my partner and myself are the sort of people who like to take simple things and make them very, very, very complicated for ourselves, we decided to recast the game as a little bit The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and have made up signs (Whoville, population: 37) and cards with candycanes in them and a number of other crafty things that set the scene.

Also, I bought new sweatpants to wear to present in so that I will be pretty.

In other other news, the Oxford English Dictionary word of the day is "lob" -- generally, to toss something or something heavy, clumsy, or loosely pendulous, believed to perhaps be onomatopoeic in origin.
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I just got back from seeing The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with my sister. I'd like to say something coherent about the movie. I don't think I can. I've read the books at least once a year or so since I was about ten years old. I wanted so badly for this movie to be very, very good.

It was, in point of fact, perfect. Absolutely, unequivocally perfect.

Also, I am in love with Mr. Tumnus.
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In other news, I may have accidentally volunteered to teach math tomorrow for my associate teacher, who will be away at a workshop. The substitute will be supervising me.

As I teach math.



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Good things that happened today:

- I got an email back from my thesis supervisor absolutely positively promising me that I will be able to get my thesis handed in by Tuesday afternoon.
- I spent omg so much much less than I would have had I not been a smarter-than-I-usually-am shopper and researched sales ahead of time. I got a bike rack for my car so that I'll be able to take my beautiful new baby as well as my reliable old baby (soon to be my mother's one and only) to North Bay when I go, some assorted and much needed bike-related bits and pieces, and two new shirts that I'll be able to dress down with jeans or up with a nice skirt as needed for classes and practice teaching respectively.
- thought a lot about my new bike.
- read great chunks of the owner's manual for my new bike.
- wrote a list of questions to ask when I go to pick up my new bike.
- bike.
- bike.
- bike.
- saw Casablanca for the first time ever at Bytowne Cinema with [ profile] graycastle, and enjoyed it immensely, I might add. Far more than I expected to.
- bike.

All in all, a very lovely day.
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Everyone who has seen Equilibrium without telling me about it is hereby voted off the island without a lifeboat.

How come I didn't know anything about this movie? How did I go so long without seeing it? OMG DOESN'T CHRISTIAN BALE STRIDE ABOUT REALLY PRETTY?

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That is all I have to say about that.

Am now going to go eat pizza and watch Christian Bale movies with [ profile] chinae (who has been staying with me for the past week while she looks for an apartment, which she has found and will be moving into shortly, and if I would only remember to explain things as I go along I wouldn't be forced to include long parenthetical explanations in my posts when I do finally get around to mentioning, for example, the presence of houseguests). We watched Newsies last night, which served to remind me how very much I love both my thesis topic and Christian Bale, not to mention how very wonderful it is that there exists a movie which gives me both of those things at the same time.

It was somewhat of accident though, the Newsies watching. All I wanted to do was show [ profile] chinae what an exceptionally bad dancer David Moscow is (NO RHYTHM WHATSOEVER). Once the DVD was in, however, we couldn't help but watch it all. Then I mentioned how amazing it was that Luke Edwards went from this to this, as adorable kids usually grow up kinda funny looking. Then, because we were at IMDB, we thought we might as well have a peek at Christian Bale, and next thing you know, we're over at Blockbuster picking up Equilibrium and Shaft. We'd wanted The Secret Agent, which is a Victorian spy thriller set in London, but Blockbuster doesn't carry it.

We were very disappointed.

Still. Christian Bale and pizza. Makings of a good night, that.
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I need to see Khartoum.

For my thesis.

It'd be research.


Laurence Olivier!


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