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Things that make me happy:

1) Our Very Important Visitor has come and gone successfully from the school and the stress of that is over and done with. Next week I am going to leave the school before 5:00 every single day. That is my goal. I need to in order to balance out last week, when I didn't leave the school before 6:00 Monday through Thursday, and actually stayed until 7:30 three times.

2) The really very nice evening out with members of my department in order to celebrate the success of the Very Important Visitor's visit on Friday. Said night out culminated with a massive geek exchange between my Head of Department and myself where we traded movies and music and comic books and made plans to continue on in this vein.

3) Had an incredibly zenful (if slightly hungover) morning yesterday.

4) I spent a couple of hours cleaning my room and, while I still have piles of clutter place that I would like to sort out later this afternoon, I have restored order and tidiness to my living space, which has existed in a state of chaos for rather too long. I things to be tidy. It gives me joy.

5) The weather is gorgeous.

6) My plans for this afternoon, which involve me packing up my marking and taking it, with a bit of lunch, across the street to sit out in the park with. I think the marking will be that much more bearable for it's taking place outside in the sunshine. I will also be bringing one of the books that I was given in the geek exchange as a reward for myself if I get my marking done quickly.

7) There seems to be a new and hopefully permanent hot-spot...AT THE HEAD OF MY BED. This is a gift from the universe to me, I can only assume due to my general all around loveliness.

Things that make me less happy:

1) I tried to get a new moblie phone with a proper calling plan for Canada. This effort, which was trundling along quite well, failed. I didn't really understand the explination, but it went something to the effect that the way my bank lists my address is completely divorced from how Royal Mail lists my address and so my credit check for the phone company won't go through because they don't think I live in England. This is deeply annoying. Particularly so as I have fallen a little in love with the phone I was going to get and they have cruelly wrenched it from my grasp. Am going to try and fix this for next week.

That said, I am outdoors bound!
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Last night, I dreamed that someone stole my bike. I was devestated. When I woke up, I went to give my bike a reassuring hug.

Then I went on my first bike ride since The Incident.

It was 11 minutes and 46 seconds long, which is 1 minute and 46 seconds longer than my physiotherapist cleared me for, but honestly. I'm pretty sore now, sure, but it was totally worth it. Tomorrow: 12 minutes!

Packing continues apace (which is to say, very slowly). It is beginning to sink in that a month from now, I will be moving to England. This realisation is accompanied by a lovely warm glow that spreads out from my belly button region.

It is also beginning to sink in that six weeks from now, I will be walking into my own classroom full of my own students. This realisation is accompanied by a general feeling of cold terror.


To do today:

- pay off my laptop up at the university
- mail the final documentation missing from my file at the Ontario College of Teachers in order to become a fully registered teacher
- mail my signed contract off to the folks in England ha ha, it's TOO LATE to go back, you've HIRED ME FOR REAL!!1!
- continue to sort and pack belongings
- go to physiotherapy
- feel lost and adrift when there is no Tour to watch tonight (stupid rest day)
- mope
- pack some more
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Today has been...its greatness defies words. Well, it defies words in the very short amount of time I have to update to lj. I will have to go into greater detail later.

However, in brief:

1. I have figured out my future. It is great comfort. I know what I'm going to do with the next two or so years of my life, which takes a great load off my mind.

2. Am going with my mother in just a moment to pick up WELLESLEY!!! (omg puppy!!)

3. My dad is home and it's great, because I missed him a great deal. On a more mercenary note, he brought me back fantastic presents, as well. More of his stories later, because there's been some doozies, and he's only just got started.

4. I found Stead's papers. I don't think I can explain how fantastic this is. Think: personal Holy Grail. I found them. I know where they are. I KNOW WHERE STEAD'S PAPERS ARE. This is a fair way from getting access to them, but I know where they ARE, which is a great step in the right direction. (omg I KnOW whERe sTeAD's pAPErS ARe!!!1!!!!) On an ego stroking note: they're exactly where I thought they where. *pats self on back in recognition of amazing deducting skills*

5. I've had an epiphany re: Chapter Three of the thesis. I now have that angle that no one else has used ever before. This is my contribution to the body of academic work. Everything is under control.

It is now puppy time. More on all of above later.
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Things that happened between the time I fell asleep at ridiculously early o'clock on the couch and the time I woke up at ridiculously late o'clock this morning in the same place with a cat sitting on my chest looking pissed off:

- the food bowl was emptied by the two pigs dressed as cats that I live with
- the clocks went forward and half of my Sunday seems to have disappeared
- the Pope died, which I am finding unexpectedly upsetting, as I am not, nor have I ever been, Catholic
- I got a wicked neck cramp from sleeping on the couch

In other news, I dreamed that I had moved to England to become a teacher. Life decisions have clearly been sneaking into my subconscious and I would like it to stop.


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