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Dear morning,


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Dear Saturday,

BBC Weather assures me that you are supposed to be sunny and lovely. My window tells me that you are, in fact, grey and kind of unpleasant looking.

Today is the day that I will not be trapped in a tiny room with even tinier lunatics. I had hoped instead to sit in the park with massive Peppermint Latte from Starbucks, my MP3 player, and H.P. Lovecraft, sucking up sharp spring sunshine. I would rather not be forced to fall back on my plan B, which includes indoors, indoors, and more indoors.

I am tired of indoors. I need vitamin D. It is essential to the development of strong bones, not to mention a healthy immune system.

Please shape up.

Yours most sincerely,
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Dear self,


No, for serious. You're playing chauffer to your sister at unfair o'clock tomorrow morning, not to mention the fact that you always wake up early for the Tour anyway. And your parents are coming home from the cabin, so you need to spend some time tomorrow morning bringing all your packing detritus, which has spilled into the hallway, back into your bedroom.

Be sensible, please. Go to bed now.

Yours with love,
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Dear horoscope,

I do not need to pay your subscription fee in order to know more about the coming month. I know all about what May will be, and, contrary to your predictions, it will not be "full of FIRE and SURPRISES!"

May will be a continuation of April. The huge black circles beneath my eyes will continue their slow spread up and around to my eyelids. I will continue to be incapable of having normal, non-thesis related conversations. I will continue to think that the appropriate answer to "how are you" is an hour long ramble on the historiography of child prostitution in Victorian London or the British government's policy towards Egypt in the mid-1850s. I will continue to have strange dreams about England and/or Stead and/or academia. I will probably continue to lose weight, as I seem to have found the one thing in life that puts off my appetite. Depression makes me hungry, stress makes me hungry, happiness makes me hungry. My thesis makes me forget that I even have a stomach.

(This all sounds like I'm in quite a terrible state, but, honestly, this is the happiest I've been in about two years. Turns out I do like graduate work, after all. When you get past all the course work bits and the applying for grants and for future graduate work bits, the part that's left is perhaps the best thing ever.)

I do believe I will also pass on your kind offer to tell me more about the "unexpected twist" in my love life that will be coming along soon. I have no love life. The current loves of my life have been dead for 150-odd and 100-odd years, respectively. There is no unexpected twists in the making there.

I appreciate the thought, though.

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