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I have hiccups. [ profile] mr_tim is in my bad books. I am excessively pissed off at my building manager for something which began with them bursting in on me while I was naked in the bath, progressed through to them leaving nasty phone messages and making my parents think that I had fainted and drowned in the bathtub a week later, took a brief side trip through them ambushing me in the lobby when I was in a hurry to leave the damn apartment and being really abrasive and condescending, and culminated yesterday with them YET AGAIN failing to come when they said they would to check the water in my bathroom, a failure which will no doubt result in a repeat of the cycle from the nasty phone messages on.

On the other hand, I do have coffee.
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Evening update:

Father has found pyramids disappointing and lost his debit card somewhere in Cairo.

I continue to find child prostitution uninspiring.

Stead is a total wanker. I love him, but, really. Total wanker.

Mr. Tim is also a total wanker.

Except, of course, he's a cat. And neutered. So not so much, lacking both opposable thumbs and balls.

(he took offence to that last and shifted around on my lap until he managed to squish an ovary)

eta: SUNDAY? Where did Friday and Saturday go?
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I lost my keys at the university yesterday.

Which makes life exciting.

I met up with [ profile] lmondegreen and [ profile] fajrdrako for an evening of Smallville and me ranting at great length about General Gordon (just because the chapter went in doesn't mean, apparently, that I'm ready to let it go), and salad and chicken. Fantastic night. Except for the keys thing.

So, anyway, [ profile] mcee decided to enjoy her social life at a most inconvenient moment, and wasn't home to give me my spare set of keys, which I gave her after the last time I got locked out. Fortunately, [ profile] lmondegreen loves me and took me in so that I didn't have to sleep on the street. Instead I got to sleep in [ profile] lmondegreen's lovely library, surrounded by books.

Now I am back at the university and hope to find my keys. I also hope that my bike, which I rode in yesterday, didn't get stolen after I had to leave it here overnight. Not being able to unlock it without my keys, you see.

Life is a series of small adventures. I hope my keys are where I think they are. Sooner or later the cats are going to want to be fed again, after all.
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thesis word count: 6,638 words.
number of sections left to write before chapter is finished: 2 -- one proper section and a conclusion.
current degree of brain fry: high. like, really high. hamburger that has fallen between the grills on the barbecue and has been resting directly on the hot coals for about half an hour high. the time I accidentally set my toast on fire in a faulty toaster high. general, all around, Rome burning, CSI cause-of-death-spontaneous-combustion corpse, lit match set to human hair high.
number of cats currently attempting to climb into the lap that is already occupied by my laptop: 1 -- thank you, Mr. Tim, that is quite enough of that.
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Things that happened between the time I fell asleep at ridiculously early o'clock on the couch and the time I woke up at ridiculously late o'clock this morning in the same place with a cat sitting on my chest looking pissed off:

- the food bowl was emptied by the two pigs dressed as cats that I live with
- the clocks went forward and half of my Sunday seems to have disappeared
- the Pope died, which I am finding unexpectedly upsetting, as I am not, nor have I ever been, Catholic
- I got a wicked neck cramp from sleeping on the couch

In other news, I dreamed that I had moved to England to become a teacher. Life decisions have clearly been sneaking into my subconscious and I would like it to stop.


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