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The presentation that caused me such angst this weekend is done and went well. I was told, in confidence, by one of my classmates that the leadership in the group (being me) was very evident to everyone watching the presentation, which almost maks up for all the fighting I had to do over it.

In other news, we gave a presentation tonight to the university community on the experience of going to Kenya. There was a little movie that one of our number made, followed by a series of speakers addressing the major issues that arose while a series of pictures flashed behind. Myself and another girl talked about the drought and the impact of the drought on education. It went really well. I'm really happy with my contribution, which is a good feeling.

This brings me to another point of order. I have been working on a website of my Kenya pictures. Right now it consists of my pictures and those of a couple of other people on the trip, each with a caption, which must be gone through in sequential order due to the structure of the site itself. I am hoping to get an alternative browsing mechanism in place (namely, linking pictures to a calendar so that you can go to a specific day's images if you so desire). I also just got two DVDs with the pictures and videos of everyone on the trip and hope to get a bunch more pictures from there to put up, as well.

So, the question becomes do I:

a) upload what I have now and add the other elements as I finish them, or
b) wait another week or two until I can upload a completely finished site?

Please advise.

As well, many, many thanks to [ profile] ink_stain who has kindly offered to host my web gallery at!
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Accidentally just killed a very nice post, damnit. In short form:

  • Having difficulty transitioning back to studenthood after teaching kids who were facing drought and famine and other overwhelming issues. To be sitting in a classroom in Canada and talking about petty little things like being interrupted by the P.A. system while teaching is surreal.

  • Am missing my students in Kenya dreadfully.

  • I, along with a number of other people who went on the trip, was interviewed by an Ontario magazine on teachers and education about the experience. I think I did well -- I sounded intelligent to my own ears, anyway. Article is due out in the June or July issue.

  • I have coffee. I really like coffee.

  • I have a lot of school things due next week. Mind you, I only have three weeks of classes left, plus exams, then one more session of practice teaching before I am a qualified teacher. My goodness, the time has flown!

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It is 4:00am, I am awake and I have a jetlag hangover. Why is the aftermath of travel so unpleasant? I am continuing to unpack and put away today, but do not want to start doing so at this obscene hour of the morning on a Saturday.
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I false started three times before finally remembering that the great big internet bookstore is called

Good lord, my internet skilz have fallen off in the last month! However, my Swahili is much better than when I left, as is my Kipsigis. I can hold very limited conversations in both. It has been one of the major revelations of my life that I am actually quite good at languages -- it is just French that I am very bad at!
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hello, [ profile] mcee here. lauren has checked in from nairobi again yesterday to say that she is still well and happy and having a blast. she is coming back... march 3rd, i think? I should know this, hm.

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This is [ profile] mcee broadcasting from Lauren's journal to tell you that she emailed yesterday from an internet cafe in Nairobi saying that she has arrived safe and sound.

Tell everyone I say hi and that Kenya is fantastic and that Free the Children is amazing and deserves all the support it can get.

So there you have it. Our Intrepid Teacher is alive and well and as chipper as ever. Hoorah!
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I am leaving for Kenya TOMORROW. Our dogs are in the kennel, our cats are all set up, I'm all packed, and I'm TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP!

[ profile] lazlet -- my present arrived yesterday! Thank you so much! I love it to pieces. I wore it all around the house today as I was packing and getting ready. It is beautiful and so warm!

[ profile] kx and [ profile] the_oscar_cat -- the glasses arrived a few days ago, as well! They survived the trip in perfect condition. They are currently packed carefully away with all the other glasses. I promise to send pictures and a note when I get back to let you know approximately what happens to them! Thank you very much for sending them, I really appreciate it!
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This morning, my father was interviewed on CBC Radio. They did the interview over the phone. My father sat in the living room to do the interview. I closed my bedroom door and sat on my bed listening to the interview over my radio-clock, because it was just so damn cool to hear my dad on national radio. He's famous!

Also today, I handed in the last of my assignments and attended the last of my classes before the second round of practice teaching. Now I have nothing left but to focus on getting ready for Kenya.

Up next: Epic Shopping Trip. I have two-column list of things to buy for Kenya. I anticipate spending in the neighbourhood of $400 -- all of it utterly necessary expendature and therefore will not be accompanied by the usual spending-guilt.

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My life lately is quite busy. Also odd. Example, this week.

cut for excessive length )

All very exciting.

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Wow. Liek. It's early and things.

A bunch of people in my section, in recognition of the fact that we haven't seen each other for a couple of weeks and that it was cheap wings night at one of the sports bars in town, went out for dinner last night. I was one of them. Somehow dinner lasted until 11:30. I didn't get home until a little after midnight. But I was full of wings, which was very nice.

Now I am quite tired, though.

In other news, there is a potluck at my house tonight for all the people going to Kenya in February. I have made an African vegetable stew thing, which, much to my surprise, seems to have turned out edible. Of course, given my cooking, it may be edible but lethal. I am feeding some of it to one of the guys in my section for lunch today. If he's dead by the end of afternoon classes, I'll know to pick up a shrimp ring on the way home tonight.

So, while I wait for the coffee to kick in, I thought that I might post pictures of my bedroom, which I have painted a pretty colour and set up most attractively. In my opinion. You are, of course, welcome to disagree.

my bedroom )

I need new icons. I have no happy ones.
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So, weird day.

Started with me getting rear-ended on my way to school (am fine, if a little sore) and progressed through to my finding out for sure that I will be going to Kenya for my second practice teaching placement (in February).

Am exhausted. And sore. And super excited about Kenya. And sore. And shakey. And things.

I think bed now yes.


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