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So, my parents headed over to the cabin for the weekend and my sister has gone to a sleep over thing that began yesterday afternoon and will last until tomorrow morning and I'm alone in the house for the first time since I threw my back out.

I really feel like I should be doing something, like running around in my underwear or raiding my parents' liquor cabinet or having a party. But, you know, being of legal drinking age and arguable maturity sort of takes the shine off of the liquor cabinet raiding, none of my friends live in town and we're not really party people anyway, and.

Well, okay, I did run around the house in shorts and a bikini top, but only because it was really hot last night.
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This morning, I got up, got ready, packed up my favourite toys, and let my mother drive me to the babysitter's before she headed off for Sudbury.

Well, not really, but it rather feels like it.

We discovered that we have acquired a colony of carpenter ants in our house and so we got an exterminator in to get rid of them. He is currently spraying poison into our baseboards and doing other, exterminator-y things with toxic substances. We tossed the cats outside for the day and mom is taking the dogs in to the kenel for the day, but that left the problem of what to do with me. Under normal circumstances, I could be relied upon to entertain myself until it's safe to go back to the house this afternoon, but given the can't-sit-can't-drive-can't-overexert limitations I am currently opperating under, it got a bit more complicated than that.

A brief tangent: the night my back siezed and I went in to the hospital, my mother and sister and I were all semi-frantic about what to do. We fretted about each other until we were going in circles with it -- my mother was worried about my back and about keeping my sister out late when she had an exam first thing the next morning. I worried about my mother's knee and about my sister being out late when she had an exam first thing the next morning. My sister worried about my mom's knee, my back, and the emotional strain of it all on both of us.

In all of this, did we think to call anyone for help?

No, we did not.

And, trust me, we heard about it. One of my friends from school gave me hell for not calling her up. She came to see me in the hospital and informed me quite indignantly that she would have been more than happy to come out and pick my mother up so that my sister could have stayed home and done school work and gotten to bed in time. My mother also got an earful from her two closest friends in town on the same topic. Both of them lectured her at great length on her blind self-sufficiency and pointed out that they would have been more than happy to come out at any late hour of the night to take my sister home and then come back to sit with my mother in the hospital to wait for news.

We were both quite cowed and apologised profusely to our respective friends.

Back to today: My mother called up one of the two chastisers and, to make amends, asked if I could come and recline at her house for the day. I am currently installed on her couch, with the remotes for the digital cable close at hand and free access to her wireless internet.

(and, if I may say, this is WAY better than the babysitters I had when I was younger! digital cable! wireless internet!)

I will be fed lunch and a snack in the afternoon, and then I will be driven home and dropped off at a time that will not leave me at my own devices for too long before my father and sister, who have been out of town, arrive back home later this evening.

Hi. I am the sevenest. I think I may be having a second childhood.
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Wow. Liek. It's early and things.

A bunch of people in my section, in recognition of the fact that we haven't seen each other for a couple of weeks and that it was cheap wings night at one of the sports bars in town, went out for dinner last night. I was one of them. Somehow dinner lasted until 11:30. I didn't get home until a little after midnight. But I was full of wings, which was very nice.

Now I am quite tired, though.

In other news, there is a potluck at my house tonight for all the people going to Kenya in February. I have made an African vegetable stew thing, which, much to my surprise, seems to have turned out edible. Of course, given my cooking, it may be edible but lethal. I am feeding some of it to one of the guys in my section for lunch today. If he's dead by the end of afternoon classes, I'll know to pick up a shrimp ring on the way home tonight.

So, while I wait for the coffee to kick in, I thought that I might post pictures of my bedroom, which I have painted a pretty colour and set up most attractively. In my opinion. You are, of course, welcome to disagree.

my bedroom )

I need new icons. I have no happy ones.
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So, there I was, sitting at the kitchen table, working on my thesis and minding my own business, when I see something out of the corner of my eye.

"Mouse!" I yell.

My mother, standing out on the deck, calls back, "What?"

"I think there's a mouse in the kitchen! I saw it run by," I answer as I get out of my chair and go over to investigate.

"Oh, dear. Where is--"


My mother comes running in time to see me jump up to stand on my chair. Which was, in retrospect, a very silly response. Because none of the above listed things are known to enjoy the taste of human flesh.

"It...looks weird. I hope it's not rabid," my mother helpfully contributes.

I stayed on the chair until my mother made it go away. I helped by holding the cat, who wanted very desperately to get down and kill. it. a lot. omg.

As it turns out, it wasn't rabid. It was a flying squirrel. They have bulgy eyes.
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My dad's best friend, who my dad calls the smartest man he's ever known and I, out of love and loyalty, call the second smartest man I've ever known, after my father, sat out on the deck with me for three hours and let me talk about Stead. It was wonderful. I am sunburnt and confident. It's lovely.

Also, after not seeing my family for a month and a half, it's wonderful to be home again. My sister gave me presents from the school trip she took to New York a while ago and my mother made my favourite soup for me for lunch and my dad hugged me and let me steal his best friend for three hours.


Except for the heat, which is even worse in North Bay than it was in Ottawa.
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I have hiccups. [ profile] mr_tim is in my bad books. I am excessively pissed off at my building manager for something which began with them bursting in on me while I was naked in the bath, progressed through to them leaving nasty phone messages and making my parents think that I had fainted and drowned in the bathtub a week later, took a brief side trip through them ambushing me in the lobby when I was in a hurry to leave the damn apartment and being really abrasive and condescending, and culminated yesterday with them YET AGAIN failing to come when they said they would to check the water in my bathroom, a failure which will no doubt result in a repeat of the cycle from the nasty phone messages on.

On the other hand, I do have coffee.
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Today has been...its greatness defies words. Well, it defies words in the very short amount of time I have to update to lj. I will have to go into greater detail later.

However, in brief:

1. I have figured out my future. It is great comfort. I know what I'm going to do with the next two or so years of my life, which takes a great load off my mind.

2. Am going with my mother in just a moment to pick up WELLESLEY!!! (omg puppy!!)

3. My dad is home and it's great, because I missed him a great deal. On a more mercenary note, he brought me back fantastic presents, as well. More of his stories later, because there's been some doozies, and he's only just got started.

4. I found Stead's papers. I don't think I can explain how fantastic this is. Think: personal Holy Grail. I found them. I know where they are. I KNOW WHERE STEAD'S PAPERS ARE. This is a fair way from getting access to them, but I know where they ARE, which is a great step in the right direction. (omg I KnOW whERe sTeAD's pAPErS ARe!!!1!!!!) On an ego stroking note: they're exactly where I thought they where. *pats self on back in recognition of amazing deducting skills*

5. I've had an epiphany re: Chapter Three of the thesis. I now have that angle that no one else has used ever before. This is my contribution to the body of academic work. Everything is under control.

It is now puppy time. More on all of above later.
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Unlike the lovely [ profile] blythely, I never thought to make a research-specific lj for my thesis rambles, and it's far too late in the process to do it now. Ergo, you will all simply have to suffer to have my academic bits stuck in with the mainstream and mundane of life and fandom.

thesis-related thoughts on child prostitution and the irresponsibility of moral crusaders )

Good lord, I just realised that my thesis is about pedophilia. Start to finish.

I'm going to go scrub my brain out with steel wool now.

In other news, in a manner reminiscent of those great iconic imperial images, my father is right at this moment walking among the pyramids in Egypt. He may even have rented himself a camel to ride, which would really just complete the picture. He already owns a pith helmet, although I'm not sure he brought it with him.

He'll finally be coming back to Canada on Tuesday, at which point I will be heading to North Bay to pick up the presents he brought me back omg welcome him home after a month of globe trotting.

I would like to see the pyramids, too, someday.


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