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Am holding a LotR revival -- everyone's invited!

I'm on to Two Towers (extended edition, of course!). I watched Fellowship last weekend, when Scooter (as the husband shall henceforth be known) was out playing poker.

He refuses to watch the films, being such a great Tolkein fan that he is worried the films will supplant his mental pictures of his favourite books of all time. His one and only tattoo is Tolkein's little symbol thing. He is v. serious about it all.

Although this causes me some distress, I return the favour by adamently refusing to watch his favourite genre -- horror. I have explained that unless he wants to sleep with the lights permanently on and with me having screaming night terrors as a result, he will accept this unfortunate tendency of mine.

Anyway, back the point. Hobbit party 'round mine!
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GIP -- my dead historical boyfriend! It's an actual photograph. I was suspicious at first given that Wellington died in 1852 and I thought that might be too early for photography, but it had been invented, so I am increasingly inclined to trust the caption that came with the picture.

I ::heart:: my dead historical boyfriend. His wife didn't understand him the way I do.

In other news, have survived my first week. Just barely. I feel as though I'm beginning to get the hang of things, a little, although that might be wishful thinking brought about by a day's distance.

Today, I spent a very restful and enjoyable time with [ profile] the_oscar_cat and [ profile] lazlet at the latter's house, watching a variety of pretty boys doing a variety of interesting things, including but not limited to: killing demons, riding bikes, getting head injuries and travelling back in time, and being smart. Fantastic.

Tomorrow, I am committed to giving the Frequently Lost British Historian's Walking Tour of London to a friend of mine from Canada who also got a teaching job in London. Lots of fun.
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There's something quite harsh about the realisation that even you've unfriended yourself!

In light of my soon-to-be-taken-up position of some responsibility and my simultaneous reawakening of fannish productivity, I thought it about time to revive my writing journal. All the better to compartmentalise my propensity for gay porn away from my career directing the intellectual and moral development of small children, my dear.
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So. I've had quite the exciting few days.

my three and a half days of pain, paramedics, and hospital food )

As per my doctor's orders, I am currently flat on my back in bed, stoned to the gills on pain killers and muscle relaxants, and am marathoning episodes of First Monday, which isn't really all that bad a show. I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit.

It is so, so, so nice to be home.


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