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I am sad to report that I am on one of my patented insomnia kicks. Last night, I couldn't get to sleep until 4:30am, which means that I fell asleep to the sound of bird song as the sun began to come up. I hate the feeling of seeing the sun come up from the wrong side.

To occupy myself during my sleepless hours, I overhauled my lj with a new header image and colour scheme. It makes me very happy, although I am already quite tempted to tweak.

As well, after about two years of not writing anything (er...thesis aside), I think I've started again. I have three stories on the go, one of which is almost done. I'll have to go over and tidy up the fic journal, just in case I actually follow through and post something.

Look at me, being all creative and stuff!

Grad is day after tomorrow. My dress is still pretty.
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Have spent most of the day sitting in my favourite, wireless enabled coffee shop with the BFF and laptops. I got a bit of work done and, in between, completely overhauled my icon collection. Then, just when I thought I was done, the BFF bought me paid time and now I have 41 more icon slots to fill.

I have my work cut out for me, oh yes.
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The presentation that caused me such angst this weekend is done and went well. I was told, in confidence, by one of my classmates that the leadership in the group (being me) was very evident to everyone watching the presentation, which almost maks up for all the fighting I had to do over it.

In other news, we gave a presentation tonight to the university community on the experience of going to Kenya. There was a little movie that one of our number made, followed by a series of speakers addressing the major issues that arose while a series of pictures flashed behind. Myself and another girl talked about the drought and the impact of the drought on education. It went really well. I'm really happy with my contribution, which is a good feeling.

This brings me to another point of order. I have been working on a website of my Kenya pictures. Right now it consists of my pictures and those of a couple of other people on the trip, each with a caption, which must be gone through in sequential order due to the structure of the site itself. I am hoping to get an alternative browsing mechanism in place (namely, linking pictures to a calendar so that you can go to a specific day's images if you so desire). I also just got two DVDs with the pictures and videos of everyone on the trip and hope to get a bunch more pictures from there to put up, as well.

So, the question becomes do I:

a) upload what I have now and add the other elements as I finish them, or
b) wait another week or two until I can upload a completely finished site?

Please advise.

As well, many, many thanks to [ profile] ink_stain who has kindly offered to host my web gallery at!
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I've really fallen out of the habit of posting over at [ profile] a_drive, which is something I'm going to try and change. I've also, over the past year, almost entirely stopped writing (uh...160+ page thesis aside). In an effort to do something about that as well, I've signed up for [ profile] alphabetdrabble.

Also, [ profile] mcee made me.

In other news, I have finished my two weeks of practice teaching and am back in my own classes for the next three weeks before heading out for another chunk of time to the school. I miss the kids in my class already, but it's going to be nice to see my section again, not to mention to have a chance to just sit at the back of the class and be mellow rather than having to stand at the front of the class and perform.

Also, my mother has brought me coffee.



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