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So, despite having the cold from hell only three days before the wedding, things are progressing well.

In between naps today, I accomplished the following:

  • got marriage licence

  • bought ribbon for decorating the deck and marquee

  • bought wrapping paper and thank you cards for the wedding party thank you gifts

  • bought disposable cameras for the dinner tables

  • helped finish painting the deck

  • touched base with ALL vendors to make sure everything is on track

Meanwhile, my family and future in-laws conspired to accomplish the following:

  • mow the lawn

  • weed-whip the edges of the lawn

  • lay indoor/outdoor carpet on the part of the deck we're getting married on

  • buy all the flowers to decorate the arbour, deck, and dinner tables

  • paint those parts of the deck that needed it

  • finalise the booking for the sunset cruise we're taking Wednesday night

  • sort out dry cleaning of necessary outfits in advance of the wedding

  • be great

So! All progresses apace. Now, if I can shake this bloody, rotten, no good, stinky cold, all will be perfect.
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It's amazing what the fiancé and I can do with a lazy Saturday morning lounging in our pyjamas.

Having yet to get dressed or leave the bed (except to make coffee), we have now booked flights for ourselves and his entire family for the wedding this summer, planned and sent price enquiries to all necessary in-Canada transportation agencies, began correspondence with hotels in Toronto and North Bay to negotiate group rates, began correspondence with local florists to discuss options for and cost of a bridal bouquet and corsage/button-hole arrangements, and wrote the entire wedding ceremony.

I am now sending said ceremony to our officiant for confirmation that it does fulfil the legal requirements for marriage ceremonies in Canada, after which time I may get up, shower, and get dressed.

But I make no promises!
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West Wing's "The Crackpots and These Women" on tee-vee, final design of wedding invitations progressing, bruschetta topping marinating in the fridge for dinner, and a glass of wine within reach.

This is toe-wiggling levels of goodness.

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*dusts off formerly spiffy design skills*

*designs wedding invitations*

*designs wedding website*

Woot woot! I am accomplished. And nearly done the website. But brain-fried after doing this for two days and so kicking my feet up and watching Supernatural reruns for the rest of the night.

Eff has made one of his famous(read: fierce and terrifyingly hot) pots of chilli and rice for dinner. Looking forward to that like woah.
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The Eff and I have been busy this holiday in Canada. We've been BOOKING things. WEDDING things. One year from now, we'll be married. In fact, one year from right now, we'll have been married for about three hours and forty-five minutes, assuming the ceremony takes about half an hour to come to the 'I do' bit.



No, it's good. We've done well. We've booked an officiant, a photographer, and have a line on the cake and caterer. And I already have my dress. And I have lists. Many, many lists.
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F (for fiance!) and I went out to Hatton Garden yesterday to go ring hunting. Hatton Garden has been the centre of the London diamond trade since the middle ages and is comprised of several blocks of wall to wall jewellery shops, most with a great huge sign out front claiming to 'specialise in wedding rings'.

By the end of the first block, my head was spinning. By the end of the second block I had pretty much figured out what I didn't like in an engagement ring.

We walked all the way up one side of the street and all the way down the second side of the street before I found the ring. Absolutely lovely. Pictures pending.

In less exciting and diamond related news, I lost all the contacts from my phone when I tried to transfer them from my old mobile to my new one. If you think I should have your phone number and other contact details, please email them to blucast9 @ hotmail . com


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