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To celebrate the arrival of summer like weather, I have made a fruit tart! Fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries with custard poured over the top. Mmm, pie.

In semi related news, I have resolved to start riding my bike to school on nice days as I need to work off the winter pudge. Am hoping this will help counteract my new-found love of cooking and baking.

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Oh, dear.

Very tired.

The hot weather is bringing out the worst in my kids. We are in the middle of exam revision, which even I find to be equal parts boring and stressful and I'm not the one sitting down to write an exam, and the combination of the heat and the emotional turmoil is proving too much for their squishy little brains. Almost every class this week has felt like an uphill battle.

There was a chair thrown by one student at another student yesterday.

Added to that, we had a Parents' Evening last night that was my busiest yet. I teach 99 students in the year group that was coming last night (yes, exactly 99, and I counted), and 22 of those I teach both History and English, so I had to do double duty with them. I had a massive line at my table from fifteen minutes in that didn't disperse until almost an hour after it was supposed to end. Only I and the Head of Year were left at the end. I would have snuck out a little bit earlier -- the Parents' Evening was already scheduled to be three hours long, and I stayed for another forty-five minutes beyond, which brought me to a total thirteen hours straight in school -- but my table was positioned in such a way as I would have had to sneak past the line of waiting parents to get out.

There were a couple of parent interviews where this setup made me feel distinctly trapped. It's all very well to have your back to the wall, but that's only a comforting position if you also have a clear path to the door. And parents kept sneaking up from the side, anyway.


Anyway, one more day. I can make it through one more day, can't I? Yes. Then it is half term and I get a whole week to nap, excepting the overnight trip up to Cambridge I am taking to get stuck into the Stead papers again. But, no. Mostly sleeping. And riding my bike. And getting caught up with work that I've been letting slide all this term because I've been just so tired all the time. And geeking out over movies with the BF. And seeing the friends that I've let slide for as long as I've been letting the work slide for much the same reason.

I am looking forward to it immensely.

Just need to get through tomorrow.
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Last night, I dreamed that someone stole my bike. I was devestated. When I woke up, I went to give my bike a reassuring hug.

Then I went on my first bike ride since The Incident.

It was 11 minutes and 46 seconds long, which is 1 minute and 46 seconds longer than my physiotherapist cleared me for, but honestly. I'm pretty sore now, sure, but it was totally worth it. Tomorrow: 12 minutes!

Packing continues apace (which is to say, very slowly). It is beginning to sink in that a month from now, I will be moving to England. This realisation is accompanied by a lovely warm glow that spreads out from my belly button region.

It is also beginning to sink in that six weeks from now, I will be walking into my own classroom full of my own students. This realisation is accompanied by a general feeling of cold terror.


To do today:

- pay off my laptop up at the university
- mail the final documentation missing from my file at the Ontario College of Teachers in order to become a fully registered teacher
- mail my signed contract off to the folks in England ha ha, it's TOO LATE to go back, you've HIRED ME FOR REAL!!1!
- continue to sort and pack belongings
- go to physiotherapy
- feel lost and adrift when there is no Tour to watch tonight (stupid rest day)
- mope
- pack some more
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I really was hoping that physiotherapy would work a bit like a cross between surgery (minus the cutting parts) and massage. I wanted to go in, get a back rub, and walk out mostly fixed.

Apparently, it's a process and I need to be patient.

Stupid physiotherapy.

In other news, I am still not allowed to sit or lift anything. I am allowed to lie down, recline, stand, walk, and bend as much as my currently limited range of motion will allow. I kind of miss sitting, though. I've had good times sitting. I've had good times combining sitting with other activities, like eating and watching movies in movie theatres and things like that. One of my favourite activities to combine with sitting in recent times has been riding my bike.

I really miss riding my bike.

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So, my morning class cancelled in favour of a seminar held tonight from 5:30-8:00.

I went for two separate and distinct bike rides. It was awesome. Then my friend from my section, who came with me on the second bike ride, and my other friend from my section made me chocolate chip pancakes for lunch. Which was even awesomer.

Then I got an email declaring my afternoon class a "work period", to be attended or not as you will. I came, because I had nothing better to do, so why not? Besides, there was no way I was getting any work done if I didn't come in to the class and sit here with nothing else to do.

Only, as it turns out, I haven't gotten much work done at school, either.

I should have stayed home and watched the Space Channel and eaten cereal.

Hi, aren't you glad I updated you about my day? I know you are.
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Long day and I feel as though I should have some emotion at the end of it (happy? depressed? tired?), but am coming up blank.

Irrespective, watching TV on DVD, tucked into bed with home-made Indian food, totally unconcerned about the fact that it's midnight-forty is nice.

I have a date to go bike-riding with a friend of mine tomorrow morning. Yay!
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Riding hard then sitting cross-legged on your bed for ages working on homework?

Leads to (ow ow ow motherfucker ow) stiffness.

Mental note.
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You know what? It doesn't matter if your day starts out kinda crappy and later doesn't really do anything to improve and you have thirteen hundred twenty-four million seventy thousand and six things left to do before you can go to bed -- if you have time for a bike ride, it's all okay.

I am now pleasantly numb in the ass, lively in the head, and sore through my calves. Time to get down to school work.

It's probably just as well that I have no access to footage from the Giro d'Italia, given how much school work I have to do. I don't think I'll ever forget the when the final deadline for my thesis, the 2005 Aquafina Championships, and the 2005 Tour de France all overlapped in one week.

Awesome times, I tell you what.
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I dreamed I was stressed out and working on schoolwork.

I feel so cheated. Even my subconscious is against my having a break.

To do today:
    - shower (now)
    - finish assignment that is due this afternoon
    - finish assignment due tomorrow
    - ride home from school no matter what seemingly semi-catastrophic circumstances arise over the course of the day, damn it
    - watch TV before bed so as to not have a repeat of last night's suxor dreams

(oh, coffee, hi, coffee, i love you, yes i do)
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I am going cycling.
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A post-script to this morning's post:

  1. I am pathetically, pathetically out of shape.

  2. Cycling is still the funnest thing that ever was. OMG HI BIKE HI!

I will be spending the day frantically marking my grade six class' two major poetry assignments so that I can get them back to my associate teacher before I head back to North Bay tomorrow. I hate marking. I love reading what the kids wrote, don't get me wrong. It's that I then have to assign a value to it that causes me discomfort.

I need coffee. I need it right now omg.
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see icon for details.
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I am, once again, declared a fantastic teacher. Go me!

To celebrate, I am going for my first bike ride of the season.

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Things that I love:
  • [ profile] mcee
  • Ottawa
  • reading porn working on my special education in Kenya essay at the coffeeshop
  • my bike
  • being done exams
  • teaching
  • planning weekend roadtrips

It is so very, very, very good to be home.
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Interview = done. I feel pretty good about the whole thing. I should not prepare more often -- the lady told me I interview really well.

Ball hockey = done. We lost both games, but had a fantastic time doing it.

Art show = visited. My stuff is pretty. Other people's stuff is fantastic. All very nice.

Formal = done and done. Meh. People were pretty and that was nice. Still, meh.

I woke up this morning with an overwhelming desire to go for a bike ride. Sadly, this is Canada in January and there is currently a snow storm warning for my region. So not so much.
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I have five plus years of pack rat-ism strewn across my floors, I have chewed my previously respectable fingernails off, my father can't come to help because of a work emergency, I have twelve hundred forty nine seven fifteen eight eleven twenty two nine things to do tomorrow before my mother arrives with the moving truck at eleven o'clock, another seventy nine two four thousand twelve eleventy nine eight one seven things to do after she leaves with the truck a few hours later, I may have accidentally packed the pair of clean underpants I meant to wear tomorrow, and my father talked me into leaving my bike behind when I came up to Ottawa to sort things out so I HAVEN'T RIDDEN IN DAYS AND I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. I AM SO SICK OF PACKING I CAN'T EVEN. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME I HAD ACCUMULATED THIS MUCH CRAP? I'M GOING TO MISS MY DISHES WHEN I MOVE BACK INTO MY PARENTS' HOUSE. I'M NOT GOING TO HAVE EVERYTHING READY IN TIME AND MY MOTHER IS GOING TO BE DISPLEASED. MY THESIS DEFENCE HAS BEEN SET FOR A DAY WHEN I'M SUPPOSED TO BE PRACTICE TEACHING AND THE COMMITTEE IS COMPOSED OF CANADIAN AND WOMEN'S HISTORIANS, WHICH REALLY ISN'T WHAT MY THESIS IS ABOUT. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY MISS MY BIKE.

That is all. Carry on.
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The bike.

Oh. My. God.

The bike.

I am actually, earnestly, not-faking-for-internet-fun at a loss for words to describe how wonderful the bike is. I rode for a little over two hours today and felt like I could have easily gone for another two, except for the fact that I really did need to get back to packing. I even managed to get the hang of clipless pedals right off, which work rather like ski bindings. The gentlemen at Full Cycle out and out promised me that I would fall off the bike a couple of times before it got through to my subconscious that my feet were actually bound into the pedals and that I needed to twist out to release them. Apparently, however, a lifetime of downhill skiing has served me in good stead and I had no trouble at all adjusting.

Anyway, the bike proved to be even more fabulous over the first ride than I had expected it to be after my three second spin around the cycle shop's parking lot. I can't wait for tomorrow when, if I get up early enough, I get to do it again.

Also on the plate for tomorrow: FINALLY TURNING MY THESIS IN HEY YEAH RIGHT ON. Loading up my car with my cats, bikes, skis, guitar (which will likely be sad and lonely in the presence of all those other matched pairs), and anything else that will fit. Driving to North Bay.

But enough about the mundane nonsense. I'm going to go back to thinking about my bike now.
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Good things that happened today:

- I got an email back from my thesis supervisor absolutely positively promising me that I will be able to get my thesis handed in by Tuesday afternoon.
- I spent omg so much much less than I would have had I not been a smarter-than-I-usually-am shopper and researched sales ahead of time. I got a bike rack for my car so that I'll be able to take my beautiful new baby as well as my reliable old baby (soon to be my mother's one and only) to North Bay when I go, some assorted and much needed bike-related bits and pieces, and two new shirts that I'll be able to dress down with jeans or up with a nice skirt as needed for classes and practice teaching respectively.
- thought a lot about my new bike.
- read great chunks of the owner's manual for my new bike.
- wrote a list of questions to ask when I go to pick up my new bike.
- bike.
- bike.
- bike.
- saw Casablanca for the first time ever at Bytowne Cinema with [ profile] graycastle, and enjoyed it immensely, I might add. Far more than I expected to.
- bike.

All in all, a very lovely day.


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