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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BFF!!! I would like to take this moment to say that I am glad you were born. Also, that I would call and share this sentiment, but I doubt I am going to still be awake when you get off work.

(PS: present pending.)

(PPS: will be hand delivering it on the 19th.)
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My sister leaving today to go back to Canada = WOE.

Too much to do and not enough time to do it in = WOE.

Getting up at 3:30am tomorrow morning to make it to Heathrow by 7:00am = WOE.

Meeting up with BFF in Paris tomorrow = YAY!
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Drunk calling/texting your best friend works so much better when you don't have to logic international calling cards and pin codes and things to do it. Not to say that I didn't MANAGED to drunk call/text said best friend. I DID. I just also ran out of credit well before I was done being illogical and stuff at her.

Also, I hate, actively hate, all but one person that I live with. But that one person is lovely and goes a long way o make up for the rest.

That is all.

*face plant*
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BFF has left and it will be three and a half odd months until I see her again. Stupid ocean, getting in the way of my emotional attachments.

On the other hand, much fun (and lounging and cuddling and giggling and snorting and hair braiding toenail painting porn tomfoolery) was had while she was here.

Also, today is Christmas Eve. In a startling turn of events, my family has developed friends and a social life while I was in England and we therefore seem to have social obligations. I treasure my memories of countless Christmas Eves spent entirely in my pyjamas or sloppy sweatshirts and baggy jeans. Now, apparently, we have to be pretty and go over to other people's houses (note: people does not just mean multiple people in one house, but multiple houses full of people) to have drinks and things.

I miss the pyjama version of this day.
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BFF is here! We have:

- napped
- cuddled
- exchanged presents (I am in the flannel pjs she bought me -- so cute! there are little cottages all over them!)
- ventured out briefly
- quickly ventured back in where we belong
- ate chocolate
- watched Studio 60
- wrapped presents (by which I mean that I started wrapping presents, then got bored and let [ profile] mcee carry on wrapping my presents alone)
- decorated a Christmas tree
- cuddled some more

(She is cuddling me right now!)

(Actually, now she is eating me starting with my bottom shoulder.)




(Oh, hell with it.)
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BFF is on the overnight bus to come visit me! That's love, people.

Also love is getting up at 4:30am to drive to the bus station to pick her up.

I need to be sleeping now.
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When I got back from Ottawa, there was an unexpected TRAMPOLINE in my yard!!!


Have brought [ profile] mcee home with me. We are drinking beer out on the deck in the sunshine. Life, at this precise moment, is awesome.
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Stage 14 is currently in progress )

In other news, I have received an email from the department head of the school in England and so now, finally, have some very concrete details about my position. For the first month to six weeks of the school year, I'm going to be doing supply and coverage in the school. Then the history teacher I'm replacing is going on maternity leave and I'll take over her class.

My father is disappointed, but I am actually feeling an enormous amount of relief. A lot of what I've been fretting about has just become a non-issue. I'm going to have six weeks of working in the school to really get a handle on school policy and procedure, I'm going to be working with the teacher for those six weeks and will be able to talk to her about what she's done in the past, what she finds works and doesn't work, how she has structured her program. It's going to feel like an orientation session, which is not something that new teachers are generally lucky enough to get.

Rather, teachers tend to get thrown to the wolves with only a pointy stick and a lot of hope into the classroom...with only a pointy stick and a lot of hope.

So! All in all, good day.

I'm heading up to Ottawa on Tuesday and looking forward to it immensely. I am going to go to all the places I love best -- Highlander, Elgin St. Diner, Chapters, Planet Coffee, World Exchange Theatre, and [ profile] mcee's bed. Awesome!
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My goodness, the nostalgia -- this time last year, I was going mad with the heat of an Ottawa summer and trying to finish my thesis. I'd work all day, then hustle on over to [ profile] mcee's to watch the Tour. I didn't have cable and it was more fun to watch with [ profile] mcee, anyway.

Then I'd go home (or not) and collapse face first into unconsciousness.

Next day: repeat.


(PS: Weekend at the cottage good. Washed the plane, set off fireworks, slept in the sun. All very nice.)
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Because I always, always do what [ profile] mcee tells me to:

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your livejournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

the songs )

And as for tagging people, I'm going to throw it open to anyone who wants to do it, in no small part because the medication just kicked in and my typing is getting sloppy. If you do take it on, please leave a comment -- I want to know what you all are listening to these days!

I am going to tag [ profile] lazlet in particular, though, because I've seen and drooled over and lusted after her CD collection and I love her music recs.
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Oh, Ottawa. You hold my heart.

And I'm not just saying that because of the good steak and half a pitcher of good beer in my belly and the BFF wrapped bodily around me lecturing her cat in the background.

oh, the magic is gone.
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It is a vaguely alienating experience to be facing a day of classes in which I will be doing no teaching what so ever. I tell you, I'm going to get lost on my way to my seat at the back of the room. The professor is going to come in and find me loitering at the front of the room looking disoriented.

"Back there," he'll say. "There's a nice empty seat right near the door. Remember -- student now, not teacher. Please adjust accordingly."

My father suggests that finishing one degree on Friday (technically Thursday, but I refused to leave and no one came to kick me out of the school, so that was that) and starting classes on the next set of qualifications on Monday may be a sign of some sort of mental illness. At the very least, he feels, it must be a sign of an unhealthy addiction to the education experience.

Being home is nice, but I already miss my kids and Ottawa and [ profile] mcee. Also, last night I dropped a closet door on my guitar and cracked the top, which makes me very, very, very unhappy. I do not know if it can be fixed, but I'm hoping.

On a brighter note -- my Mom brought me coffee in bed to wake me up. And Mr. Tim isn't even ignoring me in a snit the way he usually does after long abscences. When I walked through the door last night, he came right over and cuddled my ankles until I picked him up.

Right. Shower now.

[ profile] ink_stain! The package arrived right before I left Ottawa -- omg THANK YOU! I love it all. I am taking my new travel mug (the blue one, because blue is my favourite colour) to school today. It is appropriately summery as compared to my equally lovely travel mug that [ profile] mcee gave me for Christmas, which is a much darker and distinctly wintery blue-brushed metal. You are the rockingnest! :D
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me: what in god's name could the "history component" of a track and field unit be. list the reasons people ran in the past?
mcee: nazis, dinosaurs, plague of locusts. in that order.
me: oh, that's just lame. our activity is better.
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Sunday night?! Where did my weekend go?1

1 Highlander for dinner Friday, then hanging out at Chapters, Elgin Street Diner for breakfast Saturday morning, seven hours at the Bridgehead Coffeeshop making a science unit on electricity and overhauling my entire icon collection, Tucker's Marketplace for dinner, Chapters to hang out and finish the last essay of my Bachelor of Education, Elgin Street Diner for breakfast, Bridgehead for an hour to email my last essay in to the prof, grocery shopping, back home to plan Math for the week and prep all my lessons for tomorrow, Grey's Anatomy and now Cold Case on T.V.

That is where my weekend went.
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Have spent most of the day sitting in my favourite, wireless enabled coffee shop with the BFF and laptops. I got a bit of work done and, in between, completely overhauled my icon collection. Then, just when I thought I was done, the BFF bought me paid time and now I have 41 more icon slots to fill.

I have my work cut out for me, oh yes.
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Things that I love:
  • [ profile] mcee
  • Ottawa
  • reading porn working on my special education in Kenya essay at the coffeeshop
  • my bike
  • being done exams
  • teaching
  • planning weekend roadtrips

It is so very, very, very good to be home.
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hello, [ profile] mcee here. lauren has checked in from nairobi again yesterday to say that she is still well and happy and having a blast. she is coming back... march 3rd, i think? I should know this, hm.

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This is [ profile] mcee broadcasting from Lauren's journal to tell you that she emailed yesterday from an internet cafe in Nairobi saying that she has arrived safe and sound.

Tell everyone I say hi and that Kenya is fantastic and that Free the Children is amazing and deserves all the support it can get.

So there you have it. Our Intrepid Teacher is alive and well and as chipper as ever. Hoorah!
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[ profile] mcee has left me to return to her "life" and her "job" and her "apartment" and her "cats" and "things".


Classes start back tomorrow.

In other news -- today was my little sister's 16th birthday. It's hard to believe she's so old! I remember sixteen -- I thought I was soooooooooooo grown up (yes, with that many o's in "so"). She at sixteen, on the other hand, still seems like a baby to me.

Ah, perspective.
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Happy New Year, flist!

2005 was pretty cool for me. Occasionally stressful. But mostly great. I got my Master's and started something new.

For next year: employment. Apparently they give you MONEY for labour, as opposed to my giving them money for the privilege of labouring. How novel!

I wish everyone the very, very, very best for 2006.

(So does [ profile] mcee, who is beginning her new life as my house-ho. Also, she is wearing very cute pyjamas. She made me say so. She poked me in the head until I typed it.)

(As well, there was much wine.)


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