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A belated happy new year to everyone. I have been on an impromptu Internet break largely due to the fact that I couldn't manage travelling to Canada with Professor Wrigglesworth, keeping up with my family and assorted friends, and keep track of online as well! It was a great holiday, but I'm pretty glad to be home. That said, Wrigglesworth was a trooper. I clearly have a future explorer on my hands!

In other news, today is the last day of my twenties. I had a vague urge to do something wild and crazy to mark the occasion, but ended up going for a run, watching several episodes of Outnumbered, pacing with a disconsolate baby on the edge of teething, and going to bed early. A rather appropriately staid end to my rather overly sensible twenties. My dad did always accuse me of being born middle aged.

Still, the occasion merits a bit of a round up, as it has been an eventful decade. In the last ten years I have:
  • studied for and achieved three degrees (BA, MA, BEd)
  • taken up guitar and knitting, neither of which I am very good at
  • visited countries on three continents (North America, Europe, and Africa)
  • taught in six schools across two continents (four as a student and two since graduating)
  • wrecked my back (now fixed) and my left knee (not fixed, but okay for now)
  • emigrated from Canada to England
  • met and married my husband
  • bought a house
  • lost my grandmother, although I am lucky enough to have two grandparents still living
  • had a healthy and usually quite happy baby

    Here's hoping my thirties are as eventful with as heavy a weighting towards the positive life events. Ten years from now I hope to be at least Head of Department if not Deputy Head at a school closer to home, maybe with some or all of a PhD under my belt. Wrigglesworth will hopefully have a younger sibling following a few years behind him. I hope that my husband and myself, our siblings, my parents and my parents-in-law are all still healthy and happy. I hope my sister and brother-in-law will have found great people to settle down and make cousins for Wrigglesworth with. I hope to have travelled to some new countries and hit up some of the continents I missed last decade. I hope I'm the kind of person who has interesting things to talk about when I bump into people I haven't seen in ages.

    Anyway, on we go!
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