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So, right, the thing is that before Professor Wrigglesworth was born, I had absolutely no intention of co-sleeping. Honestly, I made him his own room with a lovely crib in it and there's a mobile and a baby monitor with a video feed and a nightlight and the ability to play lullabies and everything! And we have a moses basket that he can sleep in for the first few months before he moves into his room or nap in around the house, right? So no co-sleeping, uh uh, not for us.

Of course, that was back when I thought that I would be in charge. Ha ha ha! No. Apparently not.

Since the two month mark, Wrigglesworth has thoroughly and totally rejected the moses basket. He screams like he's being beaten whenever he is put down in it. And this from a child who is otherwise pretty happy go lucky and utterly prepared to communicate through grunts and coos rather than crying. No. Wrigglesworth has decided he will sleep in the bed with us or NOT AT ALL.

I have gracefully given in. I'll fight this battle after Christmas, which we are spending in Canada for the first time in five years.

In other news, he also hates bottles and will make direct eye contact with you while he wails around the nipple placed in his mouth or starts coughing and spluttering because he refuses to swallow any liquid that does not come directly from the breast.

I've got four months to make cribs and bottles work before I'm back to work and he starts daycare.
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